Who Is Caroline Fleming? This 'Ladies Of London' Star Is The Perfect Fit For A Royal Show

The long-awaited second season of the royal reality show Ladies of London is back. After a posh first season, a couple of new women have been added to the full-time cast list. One of those women joining the cast of Ladies of London is Caroline Fleming. Don't get her confused with Caroline Stanbury — they're totally different — but this new Lady is seriously the perfect addition to the cast. When I watch Ladies of London, I'm expecting to get the same vibe of Real Housewives of anywhere, with the class of Kate Middleton. There's something about an English accent throwing shade that I just can't get enough of (even though there are Americans on the show, too). I don't know if Caroline will bring the drama yet, but she's got the accent — so half way there.

So what is there to know about Caroline? From her family, to her career, to her famous connections, Caroline Fleming makes the perfect addition to the cast (how she wasn't on the show's first season is the real mystery, since her bio basically reads as the show's synopsis). Are the other ladies going to get jealous? Maybe, this is one seriously cool chick. Here's everything you need to know about Ladies of London's newest cast member, Caroline Fleming.

She Is A Mother Of Three

The definition of a beautiful family.

She Is Born Royal

Caroline was born a Baroness into "one of Denmark's oldest families," according to her Bravo bio. She's also the best friend to Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. Casual, right?

She Has Been On TV Before

Caroline has had a reality show before called The Baroness Moves In. She also hosts Denmark's Next Top Model, so she's used to the cameras.

She Is An Entrepreneur

See those leggings? Those are part of Caroline's fashion line, called Beautiful, made up of hosiery, leggings, scarves, and more. Caroline has also published two bestselling cookbooks, so clearly she keeps very busy.

She's Basically A Bond Girl

Caroline's former husband, Rory Fleming, is the nephew of Ian Fleming, aka the creator of James Bond.

She Has A History With Caroline Stanbury

And finally — probably the most delicious thing to know about Caroline — Caroline Fleming and Caroline Stanbury have a long history together. According to Caroline Stanbury, the two used to live together and "partied like rockstars."

We'll have to wait and see if Caroline Fleming and Caroline Stanbury bring out the rockstars in each other — until then, I'll just be flipping through Caroline Fleming's beautiful life on Instagram.

Images: Rebecca Miller/Bravo