Watch Chris Evans Try To Guess Rom-Coms Written In Emojis For His Movie 'Before We Go' — VIDEO

Chris Evans is a busy guy. Earlier this summer he was saving the world with his fellow superheroes in Avengers: Age of Ultron and before that he was dealing with climate change and fighting against a corrupt class system in the dystopian Snowpiercer. In the indie rom-com Before We Go, Chris Evans takes a break from all that fighting to show us that he can be a lover, too — but how well does he know the world of romantic comedies?

Sure, Evans has appeared in a handful of films in that genre (What's Your Number, Playing It Cool and even Not Another Teen Movie), but as Captain America, he's pretty much made a name for himself as an action hero. Seeing as he's the director, star and producer of Before We Go, though, I thought I'd test his rom-com knowledge with a little game. The challenge involved the official language of the 21st century: emojis. Since his new movie is a romantic comedy of sorts, I wrote the titles of popular rom-coms using only emoticons — and Evans was tasked with guessing which movies I meant.

Even though there is a wide array of emojis, building rom-com titles with those little guys isn't a simple task, and answering them? Even harder. Still, despite needing some help from yours truly, Mr. Evans knew his rom-coms and was a good sport about the game. Check out his emoji-deciphering skills in the video below:

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