5 Times Kim K Has Shown Her Gratitude On Instagram

One celeb works hard to make sure her followers feel rewarded, and maybe that’s why she’s the most-followed person on Instagram. Kim Kardashian posts selfies to thank her followers, because who doesn’t like to make other people feel special from time to time? And it’s exactly because of that attitude that Kim K has gotten so popular in the first place. I mean, why not? I know I don’t mind being thanked in the form of a sexy snap, especially from the Queen of Instagram herself. Will work for selfies, you feel me?

Most recently, Kardashian paid respect to her social media followers by posting a series of pictures with thankful captions. She’s also shown how much she appreciated all 45 million of us at several other times along her way to Insta-success — usually with a selfie, naturally. At 42 million there was another sexy shot, and before that at 27 million she posed in some lingerie. You get the idea. It's very much in line with her personal brand, and all I have to say is, “No. Thank you, Kim K, for making my Instagram feed a bit more interesting.”

To celebrate Kardashian's Insta-success here's a roundup of all the times that this selfie queen has said thanks via the social media platform. She really does know her fans so well.

1. 45 Million

Showing her appreciation the only way she knows how — with a seductive selfie!

2. 42 Million

Just checking in at 42 mil. Looking good, Kim K.

3. 30 Million

Even Kanye couldn't help but share some love on his wife's behalf.

4. 27 Million

That thong, th, thong, thong, thong.

5. 16 Million

Full-on body shot. Not bad.

Keep those coming, Kim K. Your loyal followers are waiting.