Anne Hathaway Is A Natural Beauty For 'Glamour' UK

At 32 years old, Anne Hathaway is Glamour UK’s October cover girl, and in my opinion, the award-winning actress’ has never shined so bright for the world to see. She certainly has evolved from her Princess Diaries days, but some things will never change for Hathaway, particularly the fact that she is beautiful in all forms.

I rarely obsess over celebrities once their hype falls to the wayside, but Hathaway continues to strike me as one of Hollywood’s rare individuals. Not only is she a gorgeous human being, but her morals are honorable. There is an air of maturity about her that is wise beyond her years, and she holds herself with impeccable grace.

Growing up, Mia Thermopolis was one of my favorite fictional personas. Pre-fantastical makeover and popular five-second-beau, she resonated with every super awkward teenager who dreamed of being part of the “in” crowd, but all in all was satisfied in her own skin. I can’t exactly picture Hathaway ever really being awkward — or average — but her all around humble attitude somewhat built a foundation of trust between fans and herself.

I never noticed a significant change in Hathaway’s demeanor that was not a positive one. It’s no secret that oftentimes actresses who start young are swallowed whole by Hollywood, but Hathaway has always remained level-headed. I’ve watched plenty of young women from Lindsey Lohan to Ariana Grande mold their personalities to their surroundings, but The Devil Wear’s Prada actress has remained natural, and real.

I adore the Glamour cover’s simplicity. I am a firm believer that, in general, cosmetics should be used to enhance a woman’s natural self. During this shoot, Hathaway's skin is illuminated and her eyes, gentle, with minimal makeup, enough to compliment her already dark and alluring features. Each ensemble, as well, is composed with basic pieces in neutral hues. The glossy lets Hathaway’s natural beauty do what it does best: speak for itself.

Check out five additional magazine covers featuring Hathaway, and I dare you to tell me her natural beauty doesn't blow you away.

1. Marie Claire UK August 2010

Neutral lip, slightly glossed paired with a classic smokey eye was all this star needed.

2. GQ UK March 2010

This cover is my absolute favorite of Hathaway. She looks dark and sensual, but completely natural in her sexuality.

3. Harper's Bazaar UK February 2013

A bit more glam for this cover, Hathaway stuns with delicate accessories and a soft purple shadow across her eyes.

4. Fairlady March 2013

Fair lady, indeed. She definitely takes a new approach to lady in red here.

5. InStyle September 2015

What I love about this look is Hathaway's no makeup makeup style with a pop of red stained on her lips. She looks flawless.

Images: Marie Claire UK, GQ UK, Harper's Bazaar UK, Fairlady, InStyle