Fun New Google Features That'll Let You Feel Good About Killing Time, Because You Are Learning After All

A new logo isn't the only thing your favorite search engine debuted this week — Google also has some fun new features that will make it even harder to get any work done online. Now, when you Google "I'm feeling curious" or "fun facts," it generates random trivia in a box that appears above the normal search results. A button underneath the fun fact reads "ask another question," so you can keep getting tidbits of information until you've learned everything there is to know about the universe.

Not only is this new feature a productive way to waste time on the Internet (you are learning after all), it's also a great way to prepare for trivia night at your local bar. What better way to study random facts than have a search engine automatically spit them out for you? It doesn't get more simple. Even if you aren't a trivia enthusiast, you might learn something really interesting before Googling who Justin Bieber's dating these days.

Google also has a second new feature — when you go to and hover the mouse over the "I'm feeling lucky" button, the word "lucky" changes to different adjectives. After playing with it for a few minutes, I got "I'm feeling trendy," "I'm feeling generous," "I'm feeling playful," and "I'm feeling hungry," all of which are true. So, if you're not sure what kind of mood you're in, Google will figure it out for you. It's like a new and improved magic 8 ball — how am I feeling today Google? "I'm feeling doodley."

Here are seven of the amusing facts Google produced when I typed in "I'm feeling curious."

What Week Do You Find Gender Of Baby?

I couldn't help but think it was a little sexist that this was my first fun fact.

Who Is Rudolph's Mom And Dad?

I always wondered this growing up, and now I know the truth.

Who Was The Mother Of Romulus And Remus?

If you're wondering who Romulus and Remus are, they're the legendary founders of Rome and the subjects of a famous statue.

What Is John Hancock Famous For?

Ever wonder where the expression "put your John Hancock on this form" came from?

How Did The Killer Whale Get Its Name?

Knowing that the name "killer whale" actually refers to the animal's aggressive behavior makes them a little more terrifying.

What Tree Bark Does Aspirin Come From?

Maybe my next DIY project will be making my own aspirin. Probably not.

Why Is It Called The Iron Bowl?

This would definitely come in handy during a sports trivia night, but that's about the only time.

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