Luke Irwin Is Collaborating With Anthropologie

What do the Royal Family, U2, and The Rolling Stones have in common? Designer Luke Irwin, who's collaborating with Anthropologie on a line of gorgeous rugs that I just need to have in my apartment. My tiny New York City three-bedroom may not have the space, but damnit, I'll make it work! The beloved rug designer has become a favorite for a handful of celebrities, including yes, the King and Queen.

While the Brits have long favorited this designer, it looks like he's about to take the United States by storm with this collab with Anthropologie, home decor, and clothing haven. Few places truly capture the perfect mix of minimal and bohemian, and Anthropologie does just that. And that's why I'm completely obsessed with these new rugs. While they do run a pretty high price tag — around $1,800 and up — if it's a piece you're going to have forever, it's definitely worth it.

If you've never heard of Luke Irwin before, his love affair with rugs actually began when at a lunch party in London in 2003, he spoke to a little boy whose father was a Tibetan rug master weaver, according to The Los Angeles Times. From there, he began designing and "decided to create a line of modern, graphic rugs based on crop circles," according to The Los Angeles Times. He flew to Nepal, found the little boy's father, and began production. Cheers to Irwin, for knowing what he wanted, and getting it!

Fast forward almost a decade, and he opened his first store in London, where his intricate, luxury rugs sold to A-listers. While his beautiful pieces would sell $7,000-$20,000, we now can have a piece of more affordable rug heaven with this new collaboration. Don't believe me? Just take a look at the gorgeous pieces below that I would give my left arm for. Well, maybe not arm. A few toes, definitely.

1. The Abstract

This is a piece of art. I would hang this as a tapestry instead. Luke Irwin Abstracted Rug, $2,498 - $10,998,

2. The Floral

Love the simple light blue and off-white color scheme. Luke Irwin Norrland Rug, $1,998 - $8,798,

3. The Marbled

I could get lost staring at this rug. Luke Irwin Marbled Rug, $2,498 - $10,998,

4. The Geometric

This would totally liven up any room. Luke Irwin Lapis Rug, $1,998 - $8,798,

But, if you don't have the moolah to shell out for one of these beauties just yet, here are some alternatives to consider.

1. The Geometric Alternative

A fun pattern that definitely won't break the bank. Assembly Home Aurora Printed Rug, $49-$199,

2. The Abstract Alternative

Simply speckled and subtle, this is the perfect addition to a minimalist-themed room. Steven Alan Speckled Shag Wool Rug, $199 - $1,299,

3. The Marbled Alternative

Marble is like, so hot right now, and this little bit of blue with a mix of neutrals is so chic. Lulu & Georgia Marble Swirl Rug, $188,

Images: @lukeirwinrugs/Instagram, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, West Elm, Lulu & Georgia