Is 'The Murder Pact' Based On A True Story? This Lifetime Movie Contains Familiar, Thrilling Themes

I am continuously delighted by intense Lifetime original movies. The crazier the plot summary, the more I know I'm going to enjoy this thriller. That's why I was stoked to read about the network's latest venture, which has one of the juiciest titles ever. Lifetime may have brought you films like The Pregnancy Pact and The Cheating Pact, but I promise you that those titles will look like child's play when you hear the title of its latest flick, which is The Murder Pact. So what's this attention-grabbing film actually about? And is The Murder Pact based a true story, like some of my past favorites? Here's what we know so far.

The short answer to my second question is, well, no. The Murder Pact doesn't seem to be "ripped from the headlines" or based on any true occurrences, but that doesn't mean you won't recognize its plot. Here's the official synopsis for the movie, which premieres on Saturday at 8 p.m.

After witnessing the accidental death of their classmate Heidi, a group of friends – four rich socialites – flee the scene, not realizing that Heidi's roommate Lisa witnessed everything. When Lisa starts to drop hints that she knows about the "accident," the friends decide they can’t trust her to stay quiet, and plot to kill Lisa before she rats them out, burying her body beneath the floorboards in one of their basements. Before long, though, the guilt and paranoia starts to consume them, and they become convinced that Lisa may actually be alive and looking for revenge.

Based on this description, the only thing that The Murder Pact seems to be borrowing from is your classic revenge horror flick. In fact, the plot itself reminds me a bit of that Audrina Patridge movie Sorority Row, which centered on a bunch of sorority sisters covering up the accidental murder of their fellow sister.

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The other story The Murder Pact reminds me of? A certain Season 1 plot point on Gossip Girl, in which Georgina blackmails Serena after watching her "kill" their drug addict friend by giving him cocaine.

The Murder Pact might not be based on a true story, so if it feels familiar, that's probably just because it features themes commonly found in thrillers and horror movies. Personally, I'm a sucker for stories about rich kids behaving badly (hence my continued adoration of Gossip Girl) and I'll gladly tune in to this Lifetime flick to see just how bad things get.

Image: Robert Clark/Lifetime