7 Reasons Beyonce's New Album is a Big "Screw You" to Her Anti-Woman Critics

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Where were you the night that Beyoncé changed the course of history forever? Like the poor, unfortunate soul that I am, I was OUT at a BAR socializing with REAL HUMAN BEINGS instead of at my usual post tethered to the Internet. And lo and behold, I learned my lesson, because Beyoncé, that cheeky bad bitch that she is, released her newest album (self-titled, of course; she don't need to fuq with titles) without so much as a whisper. JUST AN INSTAGRAM VIDEO. I'm here to add to the echoes of "we are not worthy" being heard around the world.One of the best things about Beyoncé's new album (and there are so many best things) is that it's a not-so-subtle "go to hell" or maybe more Beyoncé-verbatim "bow down bitches" to the detractors from the church of Beyoncé. The honorable Queen Bey has faced her unfair share of criticism for supposedly being dangerous to feminism, but with the earth-shattering release of Beyoncé and its contents, hopefully the haters will be silenced.

Here's all the ways Beyoncé is silencing those cries of anti-feminism.

Image: Instagram

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