You Must Listen To 'I Hate You This Christmas'

So many Christmas songs are full of schmaltzy cheer and implied promises of family and friendship and big fluffy sweaters. Which is why Kate Nash's new "I Hate You This Christmas" is kind of brilliant in its rebellion from that. This song is pissed, and it's not afraid to show it. Nash's new single is a meshing of two classics: the Christmas song and the breakup anthem. It's a pretty typical story: Unsuspecting girl heads home only to find her boyfriend between the legs of another lady (her best friend, no less), girl bashes through London, girl celebrates moving forward at a raucous Christmas party.

The song comes off of her new Christmas-themed EP Have Faith With Kate Nash This Christmas. As Nash told MTV in a recent interview:

[It's for] anyone who has just been f---ed over by a boyfriend or girlfriend. Christmas always makes you think of people that you've loved or do love or you're still in love with. It's a good Christmas anthem for people in that situation.

Christmas isn't all Bing Crosby and Charlie Brown; it can be a stressful time of year for a lot of people. So if you need an anthem that wasn't written in the 1950s, we recommend this one.

Image: Kate Nash/Youtube