Which 'Teen Titans' Lady Is The Most Badass?

If there's one thing that we're not short of when tuning into any given episode of Teen Titans, it's fierce female characters. Whether you're looking at the heroes side or the villains side, there can be no doubt that the lady currently gracing your screen is a complete and total badass in her own way. Then again, this doesn't come as much of a surprise considering Starfire and Raven, who make up part of the main team, are role models from two completely different aesthetics who nonetheless work perfectly well within the superhero family they are both loyal to. However, as hard as it's going to be, it's about time we rank the female characters on Teen Titans , just because some of these lovely ladies are more badass than others.

Don't get me wrong. I know it's an impossible dream to get every Teen Titans fan to agree on which ladies belong at the top of the awesomeness list, and which belong on the bottom. Some might seem incredibly obvious (looking at you, Kitten), while others, like Starfire and Raven, are likely to start trouble when the conversation of which character is better comes up. However, if you're willing to keep an open mind and hear me out, while also acknowledging that each of these women are completely awesome in their own ways, then we might get through this unscathed.

Without further ado, here is your official ranking of all the female characters in Teen Titans.

14. Kitten

Let's be real. Kitten didn't really do anything but cause some problems in the Starfire/Robin 'ship. She was a girl with a button that they didn't want to press, and, once you took the button from her, she was just a girl. I don't think any of us were sad to see her go. Also, she has terrible taste in boyfriends.

13. Mother Mae-Eye

Mother Mae-Eye still gives me the heebie jeebies. She tricks people into loving her by feeding them magic pie! If you can't trust pie, what can you trust? Despite being a truly memorable villain, Mae-Eye didn't really have much going for her. All you have to do to defeat her is just not eat the pie. The Titans have faced greater foes.

12. Elasti-Girl

Elasti-Girl was basically the only member of the Doom Patrol who didn't mistreat Beast Boy, and I appreciate her for that. She treated him like a son and intervened whenever Mento was being too harsh on him. She was also a very strong fighter, although I wish we'd gotten to see more of her in action.

11. Pantha

Pantha was an ace in the hole of representation, hailing from Mexico as an honorary Teen Titan. However, she didn't appear often enough to make a big impression, even with all that superhuman strength.

10. Kole

Kole had me at the pink hair. Appearing for the first time in the same episode that shared her name, she is brave, sweet, loyal, and completely worthy of being an Honorary Titan. Plus, she can turn herself into a crystal and can take a hit from Starfire without flinching. What's not to love?

9. Argent

Look at her outfit. OK, fine, you need more reasons for why Argent is in the top 10? How about the fact that the Teen Titans recognized her for her exploits even though we had never seen the New Zealand-born superheroine in the series prior to that, and is calm, cool, and collected in nine out of every 10 social situations? I would trust my life in Argent's hands, that's all I'm saying.

8. Sarasim

Sarasim is technically from the past, and not a part of the main series proper, but she was a skilled leader and swordsman who both saved Cyborg and fought alongside him. Their relationship came to a tragic end when he was pulled back to his regular time period and had to read about the end of her exploits in a history book, but the fact that Sarasim was a boss even 5,000 years ago makes me love her.

7. Madame Rouge

Madame Rouge is the kind of villainess that Jinx wanted to grow up to be when she was still with H.I.V.E., and it's not hard to see why. She's a strong fighter and shapeshifter with a deadpan response ready for every social situation. Seriously, if you see Madame Rouge coming, then I just hope you have your affairs in order because it's unlikely you'll make it out of that interaction alive. It's no wonder all the Titans are afraid of her.

6. Blackfire

Blackfire was so cool that there were times I actually liked her better than Starfire. I know, I know, don't hurt me. In every single episode that Blackfire appears in, she is working some angle that is to Starfire's detriment, whether it's trying to take over Starfire's life and get her arrested for a crime that Blackfire committed, or trying to marry Starfire off to an evil alien race. Blackfire looks out for herself first, and the rest of the world second, but she's so unapologetic about that fact — and so darn charming — that I can't even hate her for it. Every episode she appears in is guaranteed to be exciting.

5. Bumblebee

Bumblebee was one of my favorite Titans because it was nice to see a superhero that looked like me on my favorite TV show, but she's even greater than that. She worked as a double agent in the H.I.V.E. Academy so successfully that not even Brother Blood saw it coming until it was too late. She's cocky, independent, and so eager to prove herself that she can go a little too far in doing things alone. She's as perfect as she is flawed, and her realness as a character is clear in every single episode that she appears in.

4. Jinx

Ah, Jinx. A girl who went bad because she thought she had no other option with those luck manipulation powers of hers. Although Kid Flash became the catalyst of her betrayal of H.I.V.E. and induction to the good side, I wouldn't credit him entirely with her character development. It was clear that Jinx felt underappreciated — especially by her hero Madame Rouge — and that she never really wanted to be evil to begin with. Maybe it would have taken her longer without Kid Flash's intervention, or maybe she would have never seen any other way for herself without his influence, but Jinx's choices were her own, and she more than earned her keep on the Titans' side.

3. Starfire

Ah, Starfire. Here is when the rankings will get truly controversial, because Starfire is the favorite character for a great many people. So why is she not my favorite character? It mostly has to do with the fact that many of Starfire's storylines on the show were intertwined with Robin's. The episodes developing their relationship far outweighed the episodes developing Starfire as an independent character, although she was developed by her joint episodes with Robin. As a character, Starfire was fierce in so many different ways. Traditionally feminine, with a childlike naivety and openness that made her the heart of the team, Starfire's importance is something that can't be denied. When everyone goes crazy or depressed in your absence from the timeline, I think you deserve to make the top three.

2. Terra

Again, we've hit upon more controversy, because there are many people who would not put Terra on their list at all. However, we really do need to note that Terra was able to defeat every. Single. One. Of the Teen Titans in a single episode. She took them out, you guys, and even her boss Slade couldn't do that without resorting to backstabbing, subterfuge, or even using another Titan (Robin, Terra, Raven) as a buffer. At her core, Terra was a scared teenager who just wanted to belong somewhere but had been burned too many times to ever really trust anyone but herself. She was betrayed — or so she thought — by Beast Boy, and then betrayed by Slade, and, after everything that she had gone through, is it any wonder that she didn't want to be a hero or a villain anymore? You can hate Terra for her choices all you want, but you can't deny that, in only a few episodes, she became one of the most nuanced characters in the entire series.

1. Raven

Speaking of nuanced characters, there was no way I could make this ranking without including Raven. Raven is the biggest badass on the Teen Titans for the sheer fact that even she is afraid of herself. Heck, there are villains out there who probably still have nightmares about the shadowy tentacles that Raven is hiding under that cloak and hood. She almost ended the world because she didn't see another way for herself — making her oddly similar to Terra in that respect — and, with the help of her friends, managed to turn it all around and save the world instead. Her development from a reserved, closed off loner who thinks she can only protect people by staying away from them to a caring, loyal, social member of the team who would do anything to keep them all safe and not from herself was amazing to watch.

All the female characters on Teen Titans were amazing, and ranking them is pretty much the most difficult job in the world. However, I think we can all agree that, no matter where each lady falls on our own personal rankings, re-watching them on the Teen Titans is a gift.

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