Weightless Workouts That Will Strengthen Your Arms

Even if you're a fitness lover, super strong arms can often be a bit intimidating to achieve. Cardio is pretty straight-forward, but arm exercises? Weights? At the gym? It can be overwhelming. However, figuring out how to get stronger arms without weights during at-home workouts is a lot easier than you may think. All it takes is a little creativity, some household supplies, and the motivation to actually make yourself workout.

According to exercise physiologist Mike Bracko in an article for Women's Health, working out your arms can make you stronger and healthier for years to come. Bracko noted that while women can definitely increase their strength through training, they generally won't "bulk up" unless they make a concerted effort to do so — and hey, if that's your goal, more power to you. The point here is that anything is possible in your fitness journey. No gym membership? No experience with weights? No problem.

If stronger arms are on your fitness bucket list, take a look at these arm-specific, weight-free workouts that you can easily do from the comfort of your own home.

1. Arm Circles

This move from fitness expert Cassey Ho of YouTube channel Blogilates only takes six minutes to complete and is incredibly easy — but still definitely works your arms.

2. Towel Raises

Personal trainer and YouTuber Betty Rocker has an entire video on how to tone your back and shoulders — weights free. Skip ahead to 4:35 for a great exercise for your delts (aka shoulders) that requires nothing but a folded towel.

3. "Milk Jug" Bicep Curls

Think you need dumbbells or free weights to do bicep curls? Nope. Lifestyle and fitness coach Jan Graham recommends using recycled milk containers filled with water on her fitness blog Cranky Fitness. Not only do they already have convenient handles, but you can easily adjust the amount of weight you're lifting just by adjusting the amount of water in the jugs.

4. Chair Dips

Athlete and bodybuilder Dayna Tappan said in an article for Body Building that it's important to follow bicep work with tricep work for a balanced workout (sort of the yin and yang of the arm world). When working your triceps, try chair dips. Literally all you need is a stable chair.

5. Good Old Fashioned Push-Ups

I know — push-ups are kind of the worst sometimes. But fitness expert and author of the book No Gym, No Problem! Patrick Dale highly recommends them for strengthening your chest, the front of your shoulders, and back of your arms, saying in an article for LIVESTRONG that strengthening these areas will make "all daily activities easier and improve sports performance." Basically, push-ups can be a super valuable component on your journey to a stronger you.

And there you have it — gym and equipment-free workouts to help strengthen your arms officially exist. And you can do all of them in your living room. There can be so many daily deterrents from allowing us to focus on our health and fitness goals, but now you can at least kick an expensive gym membership or intimidating weights off the list.

Image: YouTube