What Did Christina Aguilera Do This Summer? It Was A Family-Focused (& Very Adorable) Season For Xtina

After Season 8 of The Voice wrapped in May, Christina Aguilera has spent summer 2015 giving fans super intimate glimpses into her life via her Instagram account. Of course, it's a life very decidedly Xtina (I'm talking about a home filled with neon "XXX" signs and the occasional topless Insta snap), but also one that is super focused on family and soaking up those sweet, sweet rays of summer bliss. Aguilera's family — fiancé Matt Rutler, 7-year-old son, Max, and 1-year-old daughter, Summer Rain — is clearly the top priority in her life, and the unit of four couldn't actually get any more summery and adorable if they tried. (I mean, Rutler created an old-fashioned video montage of the fam's outing to the L.A. Zoo and it is taking everything in me not to lose it over the genuine sweetness of their fam.)

Of course, summer is always a good time to take a walk down memory lane, and Aguilera was all about the nostalgia this season, sharing sweet family pictures from her childhood and making sure to make tons of new memories with her own children. (The juxtaposition of these photos of Baby Xtina and then the vids/pics of her own fam... I'm done. So done. Cannot handle the feels.)

Even though Xtina makes an adorable mom, there's no denying that she's still the #BossLady. I mean, LOOK AT HER HOUSE. Look at that neon room. LOOK AT THAT CLOSET. The shoes!!!!

Aguilera's summer might have been all about relaxing with the fam, but she's already kicked off the start of a new season with the announcement that she is teaching an online MasterClass on singing.

"I'm excited MasterClass has given me the opportunity to truly share all I have learned about my craft with the world," Aguilera said in a statement released to Billboard. "Coaching in this capacity not only gives me a chance to connect with my fans but lets me explore one of my true passions."

And like any teacher, Aguilera most likely spent part of her summer prepping for her upcoming class. Wonder how many of her students will send her virtual apples for her virtual desk.

Summer Xtina out, fall Xtina in.