Fifth Harmony Love Taylor Swift As Much As You Do, Especially After Performing On The '1989' World Tour

Perhaps the only thing better than Fifth Harmony is the temporary iteration known as Sixth Harmony — the superpower that launched when Fifth Harmony performed with Taylor Swift during the 1989 World Tour. It was a moment that united Harmonizers and Swifties with its sheer awesomeness. You're not the only one who was blown away. When speaking with Bustle, Fifth Harmony cited the performance as a highlight of their year. "Oh, my gosh, that was so amazing," Ally Brooke Hernandez said while recalling Fifth Harmony's biggest moments since winning the 2014 MTV VMA for Artist to Watch. "For her to be a fan of us and want to invite us to her show, was so incredible. Amazing, I just have no words. And also to have a hit, 'Worth It,' we were working for for a really long time now, it just is crazy."

Camila Cabello noted that Swift inspires with her actions. One reason the "Worth It" performance is so epic is Swift's fearlessness. "he just has this whole improvisational energy about her. She was just willing to try anything, and I remember thinking 'I love how fearless she is.'" Cabello said, recalling preparing for the show. "Literally, we got there and in 20 minutes she learned basically all of the key moves to 'Worth It,' which took me personally such a long time to learn. And she was so willing to learn it in 20 minutes and perform it in front of a crowd of 55,000 people. We were doing a rehearsal and she was like, 'This is the first time that we’ve had [pyrotechnics] for one of the guest performances. We’re going all out on this. We’re going to have pyro.' And she was just kind of adding things so in the moment, just to make it more fun, without any kind of reservation, without any kind of planning. I really admire people that so fearlessly go out into the open just because they enjoy it. I think that’s really cool of her."

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When Fifth Harmony discussed women who empower them, naturally Swift's name came up. "Taylor Swift really inspires me, just because I really think it’s admirable for somebody of her level of success and work ethic to be really, really elegant and good to people," Cabello said. "I think that’s amazing and she’s always stayed true to her heart. I think that’s really important."