Fifth Harmony Talk Female Inspirations & How Long Until They Record Their Second Album Already

Fifth Harmony is keeping it real. It's no secret that Fifth Harmony inspire us to be fierce, but it's also amazing that they're willing to open up about their insecurities. With their Clean & Clear partnership, the band is letting fans get a behind-the-scenes look their journey to self-confidence. "So we have this new thing called 'Feel the Real,' and in the Feel the Real videos, we open up about our own insecurities and we talk about our favorite [Clean & Clear] skincare products from the line," Camila Cabello told Bustle of the partnership. "We’re really, really honest, and we talk about confidence, we talk about our journey to confidence because obviously [we were] five teenage girls. It wasn’t always that way. We’re continuing to grow. I think it’s going to be really cool for fans to get to see that more vulnerable, more honest side of us."

One of those more vulnerable moments, as revealed in a Clean & Clear #In5WordsOrLess video, is when Cabello admitted that she didn't make her fourth-grade choir. (I know, I didn't believe it either.) "I was like super crushed about it for like a few weeks after that. I remember looking at the list — like the list was coming up on a Thursday of people who made it — I didn’t see my name on there and I was absolutely gutted," Cabello explained. "But basically I auditioned and it was a one-on-one thing, me and the choir teacher, and we had to sing 'America the Beautiful' or something like that and I literally got so nervous that I soft-jawed. I completely forgot the words and I just straight-up choked. I just stopped singing. I was so little and she felt so bad for me. She was just like 'That was good, thank you so much.' ... And I just walked away. I was just silent. I just completely choked, but look where I am now!"

Of course, Fifth Harmony's music also inspires women. (Raise your hand if you've had "Worth It" on repeat.) It's not surprising that, when asked who empowers them, the ladies named a range of amazing females. Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, and Michelle Obama all made the list.

"One of my biggest inspirations is Jennifer Lopez because I love what she has done with her career," Ally Brooke Hernandez explained. "She’s opened the door for so many Latinas out there, including myself, and she portrayed so beautifully and perfectly my favorite entertainer, which was Selena. She is so hard-working, so dedicated. She’s incredibly passionate and so talented. I love that she doesn’t let anything stop her."

Fifth Harmony just announced the dates for the European leg of the Reflection Tour, but they have something else exciting planned for fall. "We will be working on our upcoming album this September, actually," Normani Kordei said. "We’re taking off the whole month to do dedicate that time to recording. We can’t give you specifics or details because the creative process and magic doesn’t really happen until that time, being in sessions and studios. But yeah, it’s coming."

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