10 Prints For Travel Lovers Who Are Looking For A Little Inspiration

If there is one thing that all travelers have in common, it's the fact that they all want to constantly feel inspired. While there is plenty of inspiration to be harvested out on the road, I've rounded up alternative sources of inspiration for inside the house (because unfortunately, most people can't be traveling the world 24/7). Collected here are 10 prints that every traveler needs to have in his or her home.

From motivating words to colorful images, these prints cover all your bases. They feature the whole world at a distance, and they focus on individual moments in time. Whether you're looking for something that's been illustrated, or an actual photograph, there's something here for everyone who has been bit by the travel bug.

The world is yours, and traveling is beyond essential for gaining new perspectives of people, cultures, and places. Take a look through these prints to get your engines revving, and your adventurous spirit growing. You only have one life to live, so make sure you're actually living it! Just take a moment to think about how many other lives exist outside of the limits of your home town, and then get to packing. Bon voyage!

1. Bianca Green Louis Armstrong Told Us So Art Print

Every world traveler needs a world map in her home, and this one is just so darn pretty.

Bianca Green Louis Armstrong Told Us So Art Print, $12–$89, Urban Outfitters

2. Colorful Traveler Print

These magical silhouettes are bountiful in color and story.

Colorful Traveler Print, $5, ColorVintageworks/Etsy

3. Shoe Store in Paris

I can't decide which is cuter — the dog or the suitcases...

Shoe Store in Paris, $24-$61, Artfully Walls

4. Ready, Aim, Admire! Print

Everybody needs a Lindsey Buckingham quote on their wall.

Ready, Aim, Admire! Print, $21.99, ModCloth

5. Urban Sunset

It doesn't matter what city you're visiting, so long as you keep on visiting new ones.

Urban Sunset, $20, society6

6. Max Wanger Greenbrier Art Print

If there's one thing this print makes me want to do, it's take a road trip.

Max Wanger Greenbrier Art Print, $19–$199, Urban Outfitters

7. Adventure Awaits

The title of this print says it all: "Adventure Awaits."

Adventure Awaits, $19.50–$92, Artfully Walls

8. Inspire and Higher Print

Never stop wondering.

Inspire and Higher Print, $15.99, ModCloth

9. Picture This

See the world and snap some pictures. Nothing beats a photo memory.

Picture This, $19, society6

10. "And So The Adventure Begins" Print

Sometimes simplicity is key. This is one of those times.

"And So The Adventure Begins" Print, $1.50, WishfulPrinting/Etsy