Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas Aren't The Only Pop Artists To Pursue A Folk Music Project

Take this as proof that celebrity breakups don't always have to be nasty, and that couples can still remain friends or even collaborate on projects together afterwards: According to ETonline, Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas are recording a folk collaboration together. While Jonas did not reveal the release date when ETonline caught up with him at last Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards, he hinted that it might be a while from now and that it could be released on Safehouse Records (aka, the label the two of them started together).

The two celebrity exes and Disney Channel alums have traditionally recorded pop and rock music, so this should be a huge change for the duo. Jonas told ETonline that the album is "more on the folk side of things. It's really the song and our two voices and blending that together, hopefully at some point we'll release it."

While some artists (most notably Taylor Swift) have previously gone in opposite directions musically and exchanged their ballads and acoustic guitars for pop hooks and synths, there have been quite a few pop and rock stars who have taken a folksy turn in at least one of their songs. The stripped down nature of a folk song is understandably appealing for those who want to prove they have the musical chops once you take the rest of the music away.

Whenever their new material eventually gets released, Jonas and Lovato would be well advised to mimic the successes of these pop stars who went folk — if only for a song or two, at least.


OperationPinkies on YouTube

P!nk teamed up with the folk artist City and Colour (aka, Dallas Green) to record this beautiful love song under their new band name, You + Me. You can buy their whole collaboration here.

Rihanna, Kanye West, And Paul McCartney

RihannaVEVO on YouTube

In the song and video for "FourFiveSeconds," Kanye and Rihanna took away the rap, the beat, and the synths in favor of pure vocal emotion that has an almost goosebump-inducing effect.

Katy Perry

Perry started off as a folk singer, and she's previously hinted thats a style she wants to return to: In 2013, she said that the follow-up to Prism would be a folk album in the style of Joni Mitchell.

Lady Gaga

LadyGagaVEVO on YouTube

Gaga's "Dope" is a folk/rock ballad that is a real pop departure for Gaga, and carries a powerful message about substance abuse.

Miley Cyrus

Henryque Souza on YouTube

While Cyrus has always had a country, folksy pedigree, this cover of a folk classic is phenomenal.

Justin Timberlake

Ana-Maria on YouTube

In his role in the movie Inside Llewyn Davis, Timberlake and Carey Mulligan teamed up for a beautiful take on the folk ballad "500 Miles."


theblackestday on YouTube

Ke$ha's second studio album featured this Mumford and Sons-esque pop folk song. It's super catchy, and a totally different sound for the artist.

These artists are just a few of the many who have used folk or folk-like elements to show off their vocal abilities — and I'm sure Jonas and Lovato will be able to do the same. Personally, I'm hoping for a ballad about their breakup, but we'll have to wait and see.