Mules Are An Underrated Fall Style Staple

There’s one shoe and one shoe alone that can take you seamlessly from summer to fall, and it's the mule. Mules are underrated fall style staples. Don't believe me? Just keep reading. Frankly, I don’t think that this type of footwear gets the credit it deserves.

Mules may not be as high-profile as other shoe styles, and I mean, I kind of get it — nothing about the word mule sounds appealing. But if you think about it in these terms, it may change your perspective a little. “Mule” is the French term for “slipper” and anything French is way more chic than anything that’s not French, right? At least that's my philosophy. Also, mules can come in many forms. They can have thick heels, thin heels, or be completely flat. They can be close-toed or open-toed. You see where I’m getting with this, right? Mules are so versatile! They can go with just about any outfit, as long as you have the right pair.

Choose which type you like the best, and wear them with skirts, pants or whatever you like as we move into cooler months. You’re sure to nail fall style with (who could have ever guessed it) — mules.

1. Open-Heel Mules

Calvin-mh, $145, Jeffrey Campbell

2. Close-Toed Mules

Leather Pointed Mules, $40.31, ASOS

3. Open-Toed Mules

Hendon Mules, $68.08, ASOS

4. High Heel Mules

Never Say Never Leather Mule, $220, Nasty Gal

5. Loafer-Style Mules

Open Road Slip-On, $125, Free People

See what I mean? Such a diverse pool of mules! Shop these shoes and more to complete your fall wardrobe.

Images: Courtesy Brands (5)