7 Clever, Artsy Gifts for Very Creative People

You know the type. The Moleskine-owning type who's been known to scribble ideas on cocktail napkins, the guy who irritatingly but sort of charmingly insists on writing in bars, and the graphic designer whose typography is almost as cool as her flea market wardrobe. They impulse-buy sketchpads and oil pastels. They insist on looking at abandoned furniture in alleyways. They're poseurs — but they've got something to say. Help them conjure up their Muse; give them a present designed with the tortured (working) artist in mind.

A one-of-a-kind Moleskine

Every artist has written in a classic Moleskine before, but up the creative ante with a notebook from Moleskine’s Artist Marketplace, where artists compose one-of-a-kind pieces on the iconic notebooks.

Muerta Notebook, $30, artistmarketplace.moleskine.com

The world's coolest bookends

Where’s the fun in being well-read if people can’t ogle your artfully displayed collection of first editions?

Sea Serpent Metal Art Bookends, $65, etsy.com

A fishbowl

Aquariums are magical! Plus, they’ll need something to stare at during those lonely, late, inspiration-less nights.

Baby BiOrb 4 Gallon-Freshwater Aquarium Silver, $74, fishtanksdirect.com

Some motivational typography

Make ‘em cry! Make ‘em laugh! Give ‘em jazz hands!

Typography Razzle Dazzle Them Jazz Art Print in Black and White, $17+, etsy.com

A creepy vintage lamp

Everybody needs a desk lamp, and don’t you think they’ve been scribbling down their brilliant ideas under the glow of that plastic Ikea monstrosity for long enough?

Vintage Girl Figurine Lamp and Shade, $40, etsy.com

A specialty coffee delivery service

Sign them up for a month of incredible, carefully-selected speciality coffee, and watch that old joy come back to their wan, troubled face.

Tonx The Half Sack, $24 for two 6-oz shipments, tonx.org

A break from the Internet

Buy them the app they’d never buy themselves. “Concentrate” allows the user to configure different settings for different tasks; so, for example, they can choose to have Youtube blocked when they’re putting together music videos, and rhymezone.com blocked when they’re writing poetry.

Concentrate App, $29,