8 Infuriating Sarah Palin Quotes That Will Convince You She Has Absolutely No Place In Politics

Sarah Palin appears to be banking on a Donald Trump presidential victory as she sets her sights on potentially returning to her former field. The real estate mogul continues to lead the pack as the most popular Republican presidential candidate. Palin and Trump have a strong relationship, and the Donald has even previously indicated that he'd be willing to give her a position in his administration if elected. The 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee already has a job in mind: Department of Energy secretary. Sarah Palin should not come back to politics and these eight quotes most certainly prove that.

In an interview with CNN's State of the Union on Sunday, when asked what position she'd consider in Trump's presidential cabinet, Palin said:

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Palin's desire to dissolve the Department of Energy is a relatively new stance, but this isn't the first time she's mentioned the importance of utilizing their own resources for energy despite the environmental impact and inherent dangers of continuing to rely on nonrenewable energy resources. In fact, one of Palin's most famous quotes is about harvesting fossil fuels, uttered during a 2008 vice presidential debate:

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Most recently, the former Alaska governor reiterated her scientifically unsound beliefs on climate change. During the same interview on CNN's State of the Union, Palin provided erroneous information on changes in arctic glaciers. Host Jake Tapper immediately mentioned that "a vast majority of climate change scientists disagree" with what she had to say. Palin said:

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Later in her interview on Sunday, Palin championed a lack of knowledge and said instead that she'd rather vote for a strong leader than a president who "can win a game of Trivial Pursuit." The comment was in response to a question about Trump's mistaking Quds for Kurds in what both she and the Donald deem "gotcha" journalism tactics. Rather than bolster their foreign policy knowledge, Palin insinuated that such research would be inconsequential given a region's lack of stability. Palin said:

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One of Palin's more insulting, tone deaf comments about immigration also came out of her State of the Union interview, proving just how out of touch she is when it comes to current issues. Although she praised GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush for his ability to connect with the Hispanic community, she condemned immigrants who don't learn English — or, as she calls it, American:

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Even when speaking out about issues unrelated to politics, Palin somehow manages to take a controversial approach. After former legendary pitcher and ESPN commentator Curt Schilling was suspended by the network over offensive comments in which Schilling compared Muslims to Nazis, Palin took it upon herself to stand up for him:

Palin's strong language has extended to issues across the board, including this quote about climate change in which she likens global warming to bunk science, specifically eugenics. The comments were made via vlog on her now shuttered Sarah Palin Channel. Palin said:


Some of Palin's most bizarre statements actually came from her appearance at the Iowa Freedom Summit in January in which she weighed her own candidacy. The meandering speech, which drew harsh criticism from both the left and the right, saw Palin delivering an impassioned oration that was nearly incomprehensible:

Palin's speech elicited a "thank you" from Democratic National Committee communications director Mo Elleithee. If she were to return to politics, her greatest obstacle appears to be what she has to say. Even if Trump is elected as president, picking Palin as a member of his cabinet may prove to be too much of a risk and therefore not worth it for either Republican.