Nick Jonas Released A New Song & Drake Fans Are Gonna Want To Hear It — LISTEN

Does Nick Jonas sleep? Probably not, and honestly, we are all selfishly reaping all of the benefits of his proactive insomnia. Case in point, Jonas just released a new song, "Area Code" on his SoundCloud, and people, it is good. Well, it's not just good. It's Drake-level good. What spurs that comparison to Drake other than the rapper's continuously blazing career? Well, "Area Code" kind of sounds similar to Drake, while still maintaining that Nick Jonas 2.0 sound. This makes things even more interesting considering that, as Just Jared points out, Jonas wrote on SoundCloud that he's looking for someone to collaborate on the song with him. Subtle, dude. Real subtle.

Drake and Jonas (Donas? Jrake?) song collaboration fantasies aside, "Area Code" brings with it a much more relaxed vibe than "Jealous," "Chains," or even "Levels." It's a stab at the hip-hop side of the hip-hop and R&B spectrum, and it has effectively removed any traces of boy band–like pop left in Jonas' bloodstream. If that's what he was trying to achieve, he has undoubtedly succeeded. If it hasn't already happened yet, the latest song leak will have you asking, "The Jonas Brothers who?" Not that there was anything wrong with the Jo Bros, of course. But they've all grown up and moved on, and Jonas' new music speaks to that fact.

You can check out "Area Code" for yourself in the link below and hear the soulful, sultry Drake-like hip-hop vibes the tune gives off, in addition to Jonas just sort of sounding like him, too.

At the very least, sans the whole auto tune aspect, it's giving me major "Hotline Bling" feels.

"Area Code" may stem from some (possible) Drake-spiration, but the most important thing to note is it that it is still distinctly Jonas. He's clearly committed to both his matured song material and sound, and each song, like "Area Code," that pulls him further away from his pop days helps to solidify his newfound soul.