Why Denise Bidot Is Dancing In Her Undies On IG

Dancing in your underwear can be an incredibly freeing and cathartic experience, whether via a full-on sweaty solo dance party or grooving while you get dressed for the day. That's why the Instagram video of plus size model Denise Bidot dancing in her underwear to Destiny's Child is just so very real and relatable.

According to Styleite, Bidot donned her bra and panties for the occasion of Queen Bey's birthday on Sept. 4, to thank her for the positive impact Beyoncé has had on the model's life. "Thank you for helping me love my #bootylicious body one amazing song at a time," the body pos proponent wrote as a caption as she danced to the old school DC jam "No, No, No Pt. 2."

Beyonce and Co.'s music has definitely been the type to inspire its listeners to rock their bodies and feel good about those bodies since way before "***Flawless." Whether your moves make you look like you could be an extra for Step Up or you just want to feel yourself, Beyoncé's music is the perfect body positive soundtrack for busting a move and celebrating your uniqueness. I'm pretty sure that Bey would approve of this fitting tribute's message of self love as well.

Here are seven more empowering Beyoncé songs to blast while you give your own underwear dance tribute to the queen this weekend.

1. "Bootylicious"

I really don't think they can handle this.

2. "Independent Women"

You depend on you, so throw your hands up at yourself.

3. "Grown Woman"

This one will remind you that you can dress however, look however, and do whatever you want.

4. "***Flawless"

You did wake up like this, after all.

5. "Run The World"

You're gonna go out there and crush it today... after you dance to this song first, of course.

6. "Check On It"

"You got it, flaunt it," the song says right out of the gate. This is about feeling your own body/booty/dance moves as much as any potential crush in the club does.

7. "Freakum Dress"

This is an ode to the dress that makes you feel hotter than anything (we all have one of those). But the song will make you feel hot whether you're wearing that dress or your work clothes.

It's no wonder Bidot chose to send a tribute to the queen. These songs will make your body pos vibes feel amped up within seconds. True story.