5 Contouring Tips For Lazy Girls

When you're craving a total glamazon look, is there anything else to try and create other than Kardashian-style contouring? And since none of us are the Kardashians and have makeup artists at our beck and call, these five contouring tips for lazy girls are essential for avoiding hours in the mirror agonizing over this and that brush swipe. All of these tips make contouring crazy simple, meaning you could roll out of bed and be ready for the club barely five minutes later. How's that for #winning ?

If you're new to the world of contouring, Bustle writers have definitely scoped out the scene for you. After testing out my tips below, find out if clown contouring actually works, the difference between strobing and contouring, and how to contour your face just like Kim Kardashian. Remember, contouring is definitely something that takes practice so if your first attempt is a disaster, don't throw in the towel completely. Just hit up some makeup remover and try again.

Grab your brushes, foundations, highlighters, bronzers, and blush because it's time to contour. If that long list of tools just freaked you out, don't even panic. Just take the plunge!

1. Highlight With "3"

BuzzFeed suggests taking an eye highlighter and making a number 3 shape on each side of your face. Start the 3 above your brow, sweep the middle line above your cheekbone, and finish near your jaw. You've then hit all your major highlight angles in just seconds.

I recommend NUDESTIX sculpting pencil for this since it's so smooth!

(Sculpting Pencil, $24, NUDESTIX)

2. Use Your Fingers

Instead of guessing where your cheekbones are and hoping for the best, master makeup artist Dam-Mikkelsen told Elle, "To bring out your cheekbones, find the hollow part by placing your fingers on the sides of your face, and where you feel it dip underneath the bones, just above is where you place your pigment." Bingo every single time.

3. Invest In A Beauty Blender

A go-to for celebrity makeup artists, the beauty blender sponge is able to create small, precise lines on one side, while the other can be used to smooth and blend for a clean contour. Bonus points for the fact you can use a beauty blender to apply pretty much all makeup!

(Beauty Blender, $20, Sephora)

4. Get A Complete Contouring Kit

Totally freaked about trying to coordinate shades for a natural looking contour? Save yourself time, money, and frustrations by buying a complete contour kit.

For ultimate ease, I reach for Sephora's contouring 101 face palette.

(101 Face Palette, $28, Sephora)

5. Set With Loose Powder

Dam-Mikkelsen also told Elle, "Translucent is best for securing a cream foundation." Don't let all your hard work melt off your face as soon as you step outside.

One quick swipe of loose powder and you're good to go!

(Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder, $26, MAC)