7 Feminist Shows To Watch This Fall

by Emily Lackey

Every season I look up the new shows in the television lineup and I get excited by the numbers. 35 new shows are airing this fall for the first time, which means there have to be some seriously good female-centric shows in the mix. Right? But then every season I scroll through the list and find that the number of feminist shows is way fewer than I would like. Out of 35 new shows this fall, only seven are female-centric. That’s 20%. That’s one out of five.

The odds for feminist television are not good.

But thank the feminist gods above for these seven. These shows are fighting the good fight. Each of them contains stories that are written either by strong women or about strong women. They prioritize women’s stories and perspectives on the screen and understand the importance of representing women for all of the world to see.

So while I might be disappointed that the odds aren’t better in our favor, I’m super excited to see at least some shows that are fighting the feminist fight. And I’m even more excited to watch them this fall. Because the only way networks are going to start prioritizing shows by and about women is for us to start prioritizing watching shows by and about women.

So get to watching this season. And, when you do, make sure you tune into these seven shows:

1. Angel From Hell (CBS)

Jane Lynch plays a guardian angel with a not so angelic disposition. I'm excited for the return of Jane Lynch, but also for this show starring two leading ladies—one of the few from the fall season.

2. Code Black (CBS)

This might seem like another ER drama, but considering it's set in LA, stars Marcia Gay Harden, and is about not having enough resources to support a struggling community, I bet there are going to be lots of opportunities for the show the tackle tough politics.

3. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (The CW)

About a girl who gives up her law practice in order to follow her ex-boyfriend across the country, this show might not seem like the most feminist of choices, but I'm hoping it’s like Legally Blonde and she realizes some important things about independence and her own worth in the process.

4. Flesh And Bone (Starz)

This eight-part series about the drama and dysfunction of the ballet world is written and produced by Moira Walley-Beckett, of Breaking Bad fame. Even if you don't spend your Saturday nights watching First Positionon repeat like I do, you'll definitely want to tune into this series.

5. Quantico (ABC)

A show about a woman who signs up for the most challenging training process in the country? Sign me up. The fact that she hooks up without shame doesn't hurt either.

6. Scream Queens (FOX)

I'm sure the fact that this sorority is being forced to accept all incoming pledges will help them to confront their prejudices about each other. Either that or the serial killer lurking around campus will.

7. Supergirl (CBS)

There's so much to love about this show, including the spunky heroine and the intense work environment that will make you feel better about yours. Kind of like The Devil Wears Prada did.

So set your DVRs. Add these to your Hulu favorites. Pencil them into your schedule if you have to. These are the shows you are definitely going to want to watch this fall.

Image: FOX