The Perfect 'Downton Abbey' Ending For Every Character Because After All The Drama They Deserve A Happy Sendoff

This time next year there will be no new Downton Abbey episodes to look forward to, and that has me bummed beyond the telling of it. If Downton Abbey has to end, then I at least want The Dowager, Edith, Mary, and everyone else to have a happy ending. I know the chances of Downton Abbey Season 6 ending with a happily ever after are slim, but a girl can dream right? After years of deaths, war, prison stints, and every other possible calamity befalling them, it is time for Downton's upstairs and downstairs residents to find some peace.

Of course, peace means something entirely different for each character. I'm sure if Mr. Carson had his way nothing would ever change and he would continue to serve the Crawleys with Mrs. Hughes by his side until they both passed away, but Season 6 is going to force characters like Mr. Carson to accept change whether they are ready for or not. In many instances, change can be good and I want the very best for every single character. While the endings I have cooked up probably won't come to pass — this is Julian Fellowes after all, he's been breaking hearts since the show began, so why stop now? — it would make me very happy if these were the sendoffs the major characters of Downton Abbey got.

The Dowager Countess & Isobel

The Dowager and Isobel should live out their next act together. These two ladies should spend the rest of their lives travelling, bickering, and sipping tea in gardens. Isobel can continue to put her medical training to use whenever a need arises, while The Dowager wiles away hours not spent with Violet by playing cards with Denker, who is constantly irritated by The Dowager's ability to beat her at every game they play. They will both continue to offer sage advice to the Crawleys, as well as their shared great grandson George, but for the most part their final years will be spent driving each other nuts with the greatest affection possible.

Anna & Mr. Bates

Anna and Mr. Bates open a business together — a small pub or an inn — just something to keep them busy during the day. They end up adopting a young child from the village whose parents have died and they lavish him with love and affection. They lead exceedingly normal, some might even say boring, lives and nothing bad ever happens to them ever again.

Robert & Cora

With their financial hardships continuing, Robert and Cora must sell Downton to stay solvent. It's a blow to the family, but one that releases them from their overwhelming sense of duty. At long last, Cora returns to America with Robert by her side. They find a place in American society, and spend copious amounts of time with their granddaughter Sybbie, Rose, and other relatives who reside stateside.

Mr. Carson & Mrs. Hughes

They get married, and it's all kinds of heartwarming. Mr. Carson isn't pleased about leaving Downton, but he and Mrs. Hughes have their little investment cottage to work on. While Carson thought he couldn't possibly be happier than he was at Downton, he discovers he's wrong. His life with Mrs. Hughes is far more satisfying than he ever imagined it could be, and every time he tells her this, she just laughs at him fondly, because duh, of course it is.


The selling of Downton gives Edith the last bit of courage she needs to stop calling Marigold her ward. She and her daughter move to London permanently where she takes over as full-time editor of the paper. She becomes a key advocate in women's rights and anti-war movements, and Marigold knows her mom is a total boss. She exchanges lots of letters with Branson, and they get the girls together as often as possible, but Edith and Mary never become close. It doesn't matter though because in London, Edith is free and happy.


For once, Thomas' feelings are reciprocated when Andy reveals he has fallen for Thomas. The two leave Downton behind for new work and new lives. Nothing is easy for them, and Thomas still succumbs to his anger sometimes, but he finally has someone who truly cares for him.

Mary & Branson

Best friends Mary and Branson finally figure out they are in love with each other. This is excellent news since they bring out the best in one another. Mary takes George to America where she can be close to her parents and Rose. She and Branson marry and start a business together where they are equal partners.


At long last Daisy leaves the kitchen behind for greener pastures... literally. She finally takes over running the farm with her father-in-law Mr. Mason. Thanks to her new found passion for education she balances the books like a pro. She continues to learn and broaden her horizons, and she helps others as well. She becomes a teacher in the village offering education to all by becoming one of the first people to ever offer night classes for adults. Mrs. Patmore could not be prouder.

Are all of these endings almost disgustingly happy? I don't care. These characters deserve nice things. Here's hoping they get them when Downton Abbey Season 6 starts on September 20 on ITV.

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