This Shih Tzu Has The Most Glamorous Hair

Meet this tiny dog, a little Shih Tzu with glamorous hair on Instagram. Seriously though, if you're into styling your hair, you might find yourself a little jealous that this gorgeous pup has some perfectly styled 'dos. The pooch in question is Kuma, whose name means "bear", and who is, to clarify, actually a Pekingese/Shih Tzu mix. And Kuma has some strong hair game, thanks to her humans, who have dedicated their lives to the good work of providing our Instagram feed with adorable shots of Kuma all dolled up. Kuma is the dog who looks like she constantly just stepped out of the salon.

Kuma seemingly hails from Japan (her Instagram is in Japanese), and is about to brighten your day, if what you need today is day brightening. Although, even if you don't need it, whoever said no to a little bit of extra brightness in their day? Meanwhile, Kuma is some serious hair inspo, whether you're looking for some styles for your own pup, or even for yourself. I mean, girl's got a mean top knot. A human-worthy top knot. How does it feel to covet a dog's hair? Because that seems to be where we're at as a society. Let's look at some of Kuma's best looks as evidence:

1. The Spice Girl

2. Braided Babe

3. Prairie Chic

4. Mother Of Dragons

5. Geisha Inspired

6. Ariana Grande

7. '80s Throwback

8. Creating Top Knot Envy

Images: moem_n/Instagram