Chris Brown's Probation Revoked & Justice Might Finally Be Served

Look, I can be a forgiving person — mostly because I can't muster the energy to care enough about something to put in any required effort to hate it with a burning passion. This forgiving nature of mine does not apply to Chris Brown, however, who I will hate forever because he is an abusive asshole who somehow still has fans and is able to make albums despite the fact that he almost killed his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. People change, but it's clear that Chris Brown hasn't: In the years since, there have been countless other incidences of violence with Brown involved, and just a few months ago, he was arrested in Washington D.C. for felony assault of a man outside of the W Hotel — something that, according to CNN, has resulted in Chris Brown's probation being revoked, and might even lead to jail time.

All of this while he was on probation for putting Rihanna in the hospital in 2009. Not to mention, he's been booted from rehab before because he smashed his mother's car window during a family session. Is this a guy who should be free?

He might not be for long: A judge yesterday ordered that Brown's probation after Rihanna's 2009 assault be revoked because the D.C. fight violated the terms of Brown's freedom. According to SFGate :

...Judge Brandlin decided against having the singer taken into custody as Brown is said to be doing well as he undergoes anger management treatment in a lockdown rehab facility. Brown was ordered to spend 90 days under doctors’ care last month.

The embattled singer must remain in treatment and return to court on February 10 for another progress update. He must also avoid using medical marijuana until the next hearing.

When Brown returns to court next year, it's possible he may end up with jail time for the assault. Honestly, even though he was ordered to check into rehab again and is reported to be "doing well," I have no sympathy — not until a real change is documented.

Until then, this video from Andy Levy in response to a Twitter feud he got into with Chris Brown is just classic:


"Really, Greg, the only thing Chris Brown is guilty of? A felony."