PETA is Donating Mink Coats to the Homeless in Detroit

Well, this is kind of weird. In a blog post yesterday, PETA wrote that they teamed up with Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries and Bethlehem House to donate 100 fur coats to some of the city’s neediest residents.

While this act of kindness still seems like it stands for everything the organization is against, PETA's president gave the following explanation:

PETA can't bring the animals who were slaughtered to make these coats back to life, but we can send a message that only people truly struggling to survive have any excuse for wearing fur.

Temperatures dropped to freezing this past week in Detroit, which prompted PETA to start this campaign. A homeless woman who walked away with a new coat told Detroit News, “I feel blessed. (The shelter) does nice things for us, but I never would have believed they would have done something like this.”

The donated items were collected from people across the nation who decided to clean out their closets from their animal-skin items. The hefty haul included everything from fur coats and leather jackets to wool scarves and angora sweaters.

While all the recipients were grateful for their new coats, some were hesitant about when and where they'd wear it. Luquious Wooten said, "I wouldn’t wear it to the bus stop. I’ll wear it to church and some other functions. I’ve never had a coat like this before.”

I'm definitely onboard with PETA and think that this is an amazing way to help those who truly need extra warmth this winter season. But it still seems a bit counterproductive, with a majority of the new coat owners praising how beautiful and gorgeous their expensive hand-me-down furs are. Plus, how practical can a full-length fur coat really be for day-to-day use when some of the recipients are worried they're in danger and thieves will steal it right off their backs? Still, I respect their efforts and hope that their campaign really does keep more of Detroit's neediest residents safe from the cold.

If you feel like joining the cause and have coats or jackets to donate, click to find out how to do so.

Image: OfficialPETA/Instagram