Zac Efron & Sami Miro's First Year Of Couple Style

by Julia Guerra

I’m sure I’m not the only one still mourning the Zanessa breakup, but Zac Efron and Sami Miro celebrated their first anniversary with a couple of Insta shout outs on Monday that were pretty ah-dorable. The High School Musical heartthrob uploaded a romantic shot of the couple’s silhouettes on a hotel balcony with Efron just barely kissing Miro’s cheek, wishing his girl a happy one year. Miro returned the gesture, uploading her own snap of the two, warmly stating “Time flies when you’re having fun.”

If there is anything I love more than keeping tabs on celebrity love affairs, its admiring their signature couple styles. According to PopSugar’s investigation of Efron's mystery woman back in April, Miro has already established her own brand by combining vintage pieces and using them to style her shoots. Considering Efron certainly has come a long way from his Wildcat uniform, I’m willing to bet his DT model and fashion guru girlfriend had a hand in that.

Efron and Miro are what I like to call a Hollywood Statement couple. I’m a little late on my Efron gossip, but I wasn’t even aware he had a girlfriend until recently. I admire their privacy, but even more so the fact that every time they step on the red carpet, they compliment one another flawlessly in regards to their fashion as well as their pasted on smiles.

Arguably one of Hollywood's most fashionable couples, check out 11 times Efron and Miro style's were in sync and celebrate their first year of couple style.

1. '90s Vibe

Celebrating their first anniversary by snapping a few selfies on a balcony with a view, the two were completely spot on with the upcoming fall's hottest trend, sporting backward baseball caps in traditional '90s fashion.

2. Red Carpet Style

Looking oh-so classy for Efron's We Are Your Friends film premiere in Hollywood, the couple looked classic in black and white attire.

3. Ride or Dies

Efron and Miro pretty much cemented their cool couple status with stunner shades and all black everything on a motorcycle adventure.

4. Summer Selfies

Let me just preface this by noting how adorable Efron looks with his baby dimples stealing this show via selfie stick photography. Also, this relationship is obviously built on color coordination. This beach day called for hues of blue.

5. So Much Swag

Clearly I need to get a handle on my selfie stick so I can torture my boyfriend with even more selfie action and get on this couple's level of cuteness. I'm loving their matching shades and Miro's plaid shirt and yellow tube top combo.

6. Swimwear Sweethearts

The couple who swims together, stays together, but the couple who matches their bathing suits is forever.

7. Adventure Seekers

How about them stylin' ghost busters?

8. Contrast

Miro looks like a total ten in that black mini, while Efron opted for a comfy jacket and white tee. No worries, Efron, you still look good, but your girl looked better.

9. Tanks and Shades

What's a vacation without matching tank tops, shades, and some serious head pieces. Efron looks like he's going on a jungle safari.

10. Love and Leather

Probably my favorite photo of the couple, this reminds me of Cobra Starship's music video for "You Make Me Feel." Leather jackets are always on-trend, and there is something so vintage-meets-modern sex appeal about them. But if the leather didn't give it away, their facial expressions say it all.

11. Culinary Style

Food meets fashion in this photo. Have you ever seen such street style savvy chefs?