Victoria Justice Stuns On 'Cosmo' Latinas

Former Nickelodeon actress turned solo artist Victoria Justice is featured on the cover of Cosmo For Latinas this October, looking like a rock star in a black and white sequined pantsuit. The Victorious star totally channeled her inner Mick Jagger for the photo shoot, sporting a head of messy waves and delicate jewelry scooping down her neck and glistening from the forefingers, keeping her jacket in place right over the naval.

I’ve always had the utmost respect for Justice. Besides her top notch vocals, she has taken pride in her start on Nickelodeon, which has a heavy reputation for showcasing the ultimate good-girl. She has also embraced her role model status, and continues to keep in mind the influence she has over young girls with each advancement in her career.

"I never felt like I had anything to prove; I was just looking for the right next step in my career,“ she told Cosmo. “A lot has to do with how I was raised; my mom is really involved in my life. And when I was on Nickelodeon I was very aware I had a responsibility to represent the brand. There were a lot of young girls looking up to me.”

The sequined ensemble on the cover is the perfect representation of Justice’s style. Never the flashy fanatic, the young woman has always been about the trends, but has held herself in away that she exerts her femininity and sexuality with a sophisticated subtly.

I'm definitely a black and white stripes kind of girl, but the pair of mustard yellow, closed-toe heels give a polished finish to the look, off setting the signature red lip.

Love the look? Check out below how you can snag Justice's black and white striped suit style so the next time you walk into class you, too, can feel victorious.

The Jacket

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The Pants

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The Shoes

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Images: Cosmo For Latinas, Courtesy Brands (3)