Yep, Jay Z Is Beyoncé's Biggest Fan

It's official: stars are just like us. Yep, there is solid proof that celebrities are just like their fans and all of us non-famous individuals. And Jay Z is the one to thank for bringing this to light. On Sunday, Jay Z watched Beyoncé perform at Philadelphia's Made In America Festival. To be clear, this was nothing like him watching his wife jam out at an awards show. Actually, it was a lot better. Basically, Jay Z proved he is Bey's biggest fan and shippers of this couple are loving them even more for it.

While Beyoncé was busy doing her thing on stage, Jay Z was in the audience (alongside Nick Jonas, might I add) fangirling over her performance. Thankfully, others in the crowd spotted him and shared videos of the amazingness on social media. Now, fans of this beloved couple can forever remember that time Jay Z supported his wife by singing, dancing, and getting into her music so hard. If you're in need of some #RelationshipGoals, just watch these videos. It might be hard to live up to Jay Z's perfect husband status here, but, hey you can try.

Now, take some time out your day to watch Jay Z jam to Bey. He's just like everyone else who attends a Beyoncé concert. Can you blame him?

Here He Is Singing The Lyrics


Here He Is Raising A Glass To Her


Here He Is Dancing It Out

Yep, he's just like every Beyoncé fan out there.