Google's Top-Searched High-Fashion Brands of 2013 Are Versace, Michael Kors, Diesel Black Gold, Gucci, and Kate Spade

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It’s the end of the year as we know it and the data-analyzers over at Google have compiled the all important list — the most searched fashion brands of 2013. While there are definitely some expected names making the elite round-up, there are others that are somewhat surprising, partly because they’re a far cry from those that made last year’s list, but also because we definitely didn’t anticipate them being that “big” in 2013. Despite what you and I think, however, these 5 brands raked in the most searches among Googlers in the United States. Here’s the complete list, according to the Zeitgeist.

1. Versace

2. Michael Kors

3. Diesel Black Gold

4. Gucci

5. Kate Spade

In honor of the Internet’s most popular fashion brands, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite looks from each. Take a look.

P.S. If Bing’s your weapon of choice, check out who topped their list of the most searched fashion designers here.

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