Vanessa Hudgen's Latest Outfit Is Your Fall Dream

If there’s one style of pants that you should be wearing all fall long, it’s wide-leg trousers. Vanessa Hudgens wore rust-colored wide-leg pants and is now my seasonal style icon. Seriously. She not only looked so sophisticated, but she also proved that these pants work even for shorter girls, which my 5’2” self particularly appreciates. I may be giving myself a little too much credit with that height approximation, but it’s OK to round up, right?

Anyways, no matter how tall you are, these types of pants are perfect for the season because they have a ‘70s vibe, are super classy and sure to keep you covered up and feeling warm in the cool weather. They pair well with boots, heels, mules, all of the shoe styles you’ll be wearing this fall. The rust-colored pair that Hudgens wore also incorporated one of fall’s most on-trend colors, so her look really was spot-on.

Channel your inner Hudgens and get yourself some autumnal wide-leg trousers as soon as possible. From rust to olive green, there’s no going wrong with muted colors and loose-fitting silhouettes. Get all of the inspiration you need by seeing how this boho queen styled her outfit. It’s enough #OutfitGoals to last for an entire season. Yeah, it’s that good.

Ugh. She's so chic it hurts.

1. Button Detailing

Flare Trouser With Button Front, $75.24, ASOS

2. Pleated

Pleated Wide-Leg Trousers, $24.90, Forever 21

3. Cargo-Style

Wide Leg Trousers, $69.90, Zara

4. Printed

Floral-Striped Flared Pants, $14.90, Forever 21+

5. Muted Pink

Palazzo Trouser, $111.07, ASOS

6. Palazzo Pant

Tailored Palazzo Pant, $35.83, ASOS Curve

7. Mustard Yellow

Wide Leg Trouser With D-Ring, $68.08, ASOS

Shop these pieces to elevate your fall style.

Images: Courtesy Brands (7)