ShadeScout Nails Is An Awesome Way To Shop Polish

From the makers of ShadeScout now comes a new app for the world of augmented reality. ShadeScout Nails is the best way to shop for nail polish because it allows you to find the exact shade that you want, whenever you come across it. Want a polish to match your latte and take your Instagram feed to the next level? This app can make it happen.

How does this magical thing work? Well, all you have to do is simply take a picture of the color you’d like to get on your nails using the camera feature within the app. Then, the app will give you an array of nail polish brands that carry the shade you’re looking for. Next, pick a color that matches your skin tone and a shape that most closely matches the shape of your nails so that you can see what the color would look like if you wore it. If you find a color you love, shop that specific brand and color from within the app. That’s right, there’s an online purchase feature because who has time to actually go to a store, you know?

To prove that the app really is as glorious as it sounds, I tried it out for myself. Check out this demo to see how it all works, and then download ShadeScout Nails (and the original ShadeScout, if you haven’t already) to get nails that will match your coffee, your shoes, your lipstick or whatever suits your fancy.

1. Scout Your Color

I personally am in love with this mustard colored blanket I have. Why not have a polish in that color, too? It's perfect for fall!

2. Pick Your Settings

I have fair skin and short, rounded nails, so here's my personal settings wound up looking like.

3. Try It On

Here's the closest color to my blanket. It's pretty spot on, if I do say so myself. It's kind of an interesting color for nail polish, but after seeing it on I know I can definitely make it work.

4. Buy It

Selecting the little green shopping cart (in the bottom left of the previous photo) will take you to a page where you can purchase the exact polish you tried on. Now how easy was that?

The app will be available to purchase on September 29th, so start scouting down the days until you can have just the shade of polish you want!

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Images: Screengrabs/ShadeScout Nails