Beyonce Understands Our Love Of Pizza

Fact: Two of my favorite things in life are Beyonce and pizza. (It's not a coincidence that both a slice of cheese pizza and Beyonce are flawless, right?) Given the power that these both have in drawing out emotion and being awesome in general, it makes sense that Beyonce lyrics can directly correlate to my love of pizza.

One marker of a great artist is the ability to powerfully convey pretty much anything through music. Whether she's shutting down a hater, proclaiming that she's crazy in love, or tackling body image issue, Beyonce can do it all. And when I say "all," I mean she can also describe my passion for pizza.

Think about it. Many of her songs — even the breakup anthems — can illustrate the ups and downs of having a love affair with pizza. It's a complex relationship, after all. There's those times you desperately crave a slice, the times you have one as a late-night snack. There's leftover pizza as breakfast and that satisfying feeling of finding the perfect piece. Beyonce's lyrics translate to all of these situations and more.

In honor of Beyonce's amazingness and the equally awesome status of the perfect slice, here are nine times her lyrics accurately described everyone's love of pizza.

1. "Such A Funny Thing For Me To Try To Explain / How I'm Feeling And My Pride Is The One To Blame." — "Crazy In Love"

Sometimes there just isn't words for your love of pizza. (But if there were, Beyonce would have them.)

2. "You Must Not Know About Me, You Must Not Know About Me / I Could Have Another You In A Minute." — "Irreplaceable"

There's always another piece of pizza in the box. Or something like that.

3. "You're The Only One That I Want / Think I'm Addicted To Your Light." — "Halo"

The craving for pizza never truly goes away.

4. "I Could Care Less What You Think / I Need No Permission." — "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)"

People who hate on your pizza obsession can move to the left.

5. "You Can Be A Sweet Dream Or A Beautiful Nightmare." — "Sweet Dreams"

Every once in awhile you encounter a piece of pizza that just isn't up to bar AKA a beautiful nightmare.

6. "And It's Me And You / That's All We'll Have When The World Is Through." — "1+1"

When all else fails, you can always order a pizza.

7. "I Used To Want You Bad / I'm So Through With That." — "Best Thing I Never Had"

Remember that time you weren't going to eat that extra slice and now you did? Craving = curbed.

8. "Now Everybody Asks Me Why I'm Smiling Out From Ear To Ear." — "Love On Top"

Pizza, the source of your inner glow.

9. "In The Darkest Night Hour / I'll Search Through The Crowd." — "XO"

For that moment when you're pillaging your fridge and you know there's leftover pizza in here somewhere.

In summary: Beyonce gets us.

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