Hollister & Echosmith Team Up Against Bullying

by Jessica Thomas

The beachy, California-themed retailer Hollister has a reputation for catering to teenagers, so it's inspiring to see the chain take on an issue many young people deal with — bullying. Hollister and the band Echosmith are teaming up for an anti-bullying campaign called All Equal. The retailer is hoping the campaign will reach one million students, many of whom encounter bullying on a daily basis.

Hollister has been spearheading this initiative for three years, but this time they're pairing with indie band Echosmith (known for their hit song "Cool Kids,") to draw attention to the issues surrounding bullying in schools. The partners claim a child is bullied in school every seven minutes, and 70 percent of students believe bullying is a problem at their school. Those stats are sobering, and they draw attention to the fact that there needs to be more education about bullying in schools.

Hollister and Echosmith created a video, which will be used in classrooms across the nation, along with a specially developed curriculum. So far, the company has reached more than 750,000 students through the program, and it hopes to reach one million by the end of this campaign. The rest of the campaign includes a clothing collaboration and scholarship program. You can also check out the video the pair put together below.

They also designed a line of t-shirts for the retailer, which feature men's and women's styles. Some are emblazoned with the All Equal slogan.

This adorable v-neck's quote is "Love All, Trust a few, Do wrong to none." That's surprisingly profound for a t-shirt.

This adorable smiley face t-shirt spreads sunshine even when you're feeling down.

In addition to selling the shirts starting Sept. 11, the store is also utilizing a "Round Up" program, where customers can choose to round their purchases to the nearest dollar. The first $100,000 in proceeds will be donated to a nonprofit called No Bully.

It's always refreshing to see brands (and bands) using their power to promote change and social awareness, and this campaign is no exception.

Image: Hollister/No Bully