Here's What You Should Wear For Fall Date Night

As soon as the first sign of cold hits, I immediately turn into a huge baby and never, and I mean never want to leave my house (unless there's a promise of free food or booze). So, as soon as Labor Day hit, I began my search for date night tops for fall, with two very distinct criteria in mind: 1. a little dressy, a little sexy, and 2. warm. Because ain't nobody got time for goosebumps.

Though fall is one of my favorite seasons, it lasts for probably about .05 seconds in New York City. We average at about two, maybe three weeks of gorgeous, mild weather, until suddenly, it drops off and we reach the point of no return. Listen up, guys: We have to savor these moments. There is nothing better than fall fashion (argue all you want, it's true — scarves, duster coats, hats...what more could you want?).

So when the nights get chillier and you still want to look cute for a date, what do you do? Not to say that baring skin is the only way to up your sexiness, but there's something really beautiful about showing off your shoulders, lower back, or any part of your body you really adore. The answer is in the details. Whether paired with your favorite pair of denim, midi-skirt, or leather shorts, find a top that shows something off, whether that be a black sweater that hugs you in just the right places, or a chiffon blouse that's got a back cut out.

Check out some of my favorite date night tops for fall, below.

1. A Tunic-Style Sweater

Wilfred Palmier Sweater, $125,

I'm obsessed with tunics for fall, and this one with a little side slit and exposed arm is just the sweater for a little dinner and walk in the park.

2. This Deep V...From The Back

Darina V-Back Sweater, $159.50,

Is there anything more elegant than a woman's back? Survey says: No.

3. A Classic Chambray

Chambray Ex-Boyfriend Shirt, $72,

Chambray shirt: The ultimate classic, laid-back look that's perfect for a night out at the movies.

4. The Lace Up V

ASOS Curve Body With Deep Plunge And Lace Up, $44.79,

This lace-up V plunge has been everywhere this season — talk about va va voom.

5. The Classic Black Sweater

Stand-Collar Sweater, $27.94,

You can't go wrong with the classic black turtleneck.

6. The Mesh Pullover

Open Knit Raglan Sweater, $19.90,

Fall is all about the layering, and this open-knit sweater is the perfect piece for that.

7. The Off-The-Shoulder Stunner

Moraine Top, $58,

Such a subtle way to show off a little skin. Bonus points if you can pull it off with a collared shirt underneath.

8. The Cropped Chunky Knit

Elizabeth And James Cropped Open-Knit Cotton Blend Sweater, $325,

Is there anything more flirty than a cropped knit? Pair with a mid-length skirt, and you've got your go-to date night outfit all season long.

Images: Aritzia, Club Monaco, ASOS, Mango, Forever21, Reformation, The Outnet