Apple Has Announced A New TV

On Wednesday, Apple held its annual September event, where the mega-company introduced its iPad Pro and Apple Pencil as well as its new Apple TV model — a dramatic new piece of technology that might even be more exciting than the prospect of a shiny new iPhone. Though the iPhone 6S, as ever, has been more heavily hyped — the iPhone has sold a staggering 700 million units so far, after all — there's a lot to be said for the major changes coming to the technology company's streaming box. When does the new Apple TV come out? PC Advisor reports that it will be available for preorder just days from now, along with the much-anticipated new iPhones, but Apple hasn't confirmed this yet. (Update: The new Apple TV will be available come October, Apple says.)

The future is in television apps, Tim Cook said during the event Wednesday — and so Apple has redesigned its television to serve this development. The new TV allows for the search of specific programming as well as apps, making it that much easier to watch what you want rather than searching through an endless list of services, potentially downloading apps you may not desire to begin with. And with the Siri remote, Tim Cook said, you can actually hold up the remote and ask your television to, say, show you something funny or something dramatic, and — bingo!

You can filter by age range, genre, or any other criteria you like. Not only do Apple TVs feature primetime shows from providers like Hulu and Netflix, you can also seamlessly play games using the new device.

It will start at $149.