George Clooney Promotes A Fake Movie For Colbert

by Keertana Sastry

It's the gift that just keeps on giving. The first ever Late Show With Stephen Colbert premiered Tuesday night, and it was just as wonderfully funny, weird, and joyful as I expected. Not only did Colbert prove that he would be a great successor to the talk show and comedy legend that is David Letterman, his guests also seemed to be genuinely enjoying their time on the show. Despite not having an actual film to promote and not really knowing the host, George Clooney was Colbert's first Late Show guest, and those potential limitations did not stop these two charming characters one bit. They had a wonderful rapport and even did a hilarious sketch together involving a fake film that they made up so Clooney could have something to promote. Thus Decision Strike was born, and I actually wish it were a real film.

The fake film came out of a comment made by Clooney, when the movie star stated that sometimes it is actually easier to have a project to plug on a talk show. So Clooney and Colbert came up with a solution: Create their own action thriller film. In Decision Strike (out never because it's not real), Clooney plays the Secretary General of the UN who is the only person who can save the world from the brink of destruction. The stars then kept cutting to fake clips from the film like the one below, where Clooney would utter lines like "Not now damnit, I'm diffusing a nuclear bomb!"

Before the next clip, the actor explained that the movie has sex scenes, the stunts for which Clooney proudly stated he did all by himself.

Decision Strike could not be more of a ridiculous and yet totally reasonable film for Hollywood to actually produce. But it was nice to see Clooney be so game to take on such a strange, funny sketch with the perfect dose of overacting and silliness. He really leaned into it and it was amazing. I know Colbert will continue to treat his guests with the same fun spirit that he showed with both Clooney and his second guest Jeb Bush. It's what we love about the comedian and what will make me keep watching The Late Show night after night.