3 'Glamour' Covers Celebrate Diverse TV Actresses

Glamour's October issue is the mag's TV-themed special. But it isn't just about celebrating the immensely talented actresses that are dominating the small screen and who keep us tuned in each week. Glamour 's TV issue celebrates diversity, as there are three covers, featuring Taraji P. Henson, Gina Rodriguez, and Emma Roberts. Woo hoo!

Each woman is of a different ethnicity and ageneration, so one can't help but give big ups to the publications for choosing to spotlight this group of talent. The actresses are also starring on very different themed shows, from serious drama to comedy to horror, making these covers a powerful statement for female professionals who are carving out their own path and writing the rules.

Henson, Rodriguez, and Roberts command their covers due to both their personal and individual beauty — and the fact their careers are burning up the boob tube. Their shows — Empire, Jane the Virgin, and Scream Queens, respectively — have me immensely excited for TV nights this fall. I am about to put Netflix and binge-watching on pause and tune in, along with DVRing the entire seasons of all three shows.

Let's have a look at the stunning covers, shall we? The Glamour staff and styling teams done good. But then again, they had some pretty flawless subjects to work with in the first place.

TPH's minimal makeup look really showcased how flat-out stunning she is. Her shimmery shadow and glossed lips in pinky nude hues are the perfect complement to her tangerine halter dress and gold accessories. But I am all about that belt and her perfectly arched brows. Those brows are so expressive. She talks about her show and single motherhood in her feature.

Rodriguez also rocked a minimal, no makeup look, letting her natural beauty steal the show. The red hot blazer and her adorably sexy pose, with her fingers dancing around her lips, totally make this cover for me! Get to know Gina Rodriguez a little better in her feature once you stop gawking at her bedhead.

My favorite thing about Emma Roberts' cover is her crooked, sassy grin! She has played plenty of sarcastic characters in her career and she channels that energy here. Her dark-rimmed eyes, sideswept bangs, and multi-colored, paneled dress add to the overall fabulousness of her cover. No one can see her only as "Julia Roberts' niece" any longer!

Once again, kudos to Glamour for producing three covers that are super unique in their styling and looks, and that spotlight diversity along with #CareerGoals.

Images: Glamour (3)