The CW's 'The Drop' = Musical Guest Star Mania

by Caitlyn Callegari

Television has just gotten significantly more exciting. As Entertainment Weekly reports, The CW is developing a new show called The Drop about the EDM music scene. About time, right? EDM culture has become such a popular, widespread phenomenon, and, honestly, The CW is really ahead of the curve by getting this sure-to-be momentous show on our screens. If you're at all skeptical about the authenticity of the EDM world they'll portray, fear not. EW relays that, "The Drop comes from former Nashville executive producer R.J. Cutler and DJ Steve Angello. He will serve as the executive music producer." It sounds like it's in some great hands.

More specifically though, what exactly is it about? You know, other than the music itself (duh). Well, EW says, "The story is set in the intense, crazed world of electronic dance music in Miami, where one of the world’s top DJs finds an up-and-coming African-American DJ to mentor." I don't know about you, but that is certainly a synopsis I can get behind. There's nothing quite like a musical coming of age story, am I right?

Considering that it's early on, and we don't have all the specifics on the series yet, I think it is more than safe to assume that there will be musical guest stars — and a lot of them. Like, a lot, a lot. You don't just use your DJ and executive music producer status for nothing now, do you? Of course not. So, in anticipation of all of the musical goodness that is to come, here are the nine musical guests that we're already lining up for the first season of The Drop. You know, because we have that kind of authority and everything.

1. Tiesto

Tiesto should probably just have an actual role in the show, tbh.

2. Steve Aoki

I mean, clearly. It's Steve Freakin' Aoki.

3. Armin Van Buuren

This is so, so needed.

4. Skrillex

You don't just let a collaboration with Biebs fall through your fingers like that. You put it to good use.

5. Calvin Harris

You know, if he can fit it into his crazy schedule.

6. Disclosure

What are the odds of getting Sam Smith on board, too?

7. Avicii

This is a must.

8. Afrojack

Yes, please. Give me all the musical goodness.

9. Hardwell

Never disappoints.

Bring on the extensive list of musical guest stars, CW, this is only the beginning.