The New Apple TV Remote Will Change Your Life

Apple's most exciting technology from Wednesday's event might just hinge on a side component — I'm talking about the Apple TV remote, which was unveiled Wednesday alongside an utterly revamped Apple TV. The updated version of the remote is dramatically different from the current one, and is complete with an exciting new "touch surface" that imitates the feel of an iPhone or iPod, plus voice control through Siri. It might not be obvious now, but there are many significant ways in which the new Apple TV remote could change your life.

While most Apple fans are on the edge of their seats for news of when the new iPhone will drop, one particular group will be clamoring to glimpse the new Apple TV remote: lovers of television. And let's face it, that's... everybody. Here's how you can expect your life to change when it does come out...

1. Less Typos

One of the gripes about the old remote was how close together the arrow buttons were to the OK button, which led to many entries to be made in error. The replacement of the physical buttons with a touch pad will minimize the number of wrong entries.

2. Your Health Will Improve

If you're like me, then typos often lead to yelling at your device, which then leads to unnecessary stress, high blood pressure, and sometimes spontaneous angry sobbing. Therefore, the new Apple TV remote will help maintain your mental, emotional, and physical health. It is practically therapy.

3. You'll Waste Less Time

The new remote will also be thicker than the old model, which was basically a thin metal sheet that could easily burrow itself between couch cushions. No longer will you spend hours of your precious time searching for your lost Apple remote because the new bigger model will be much harder to lose.

4. Your Relationship Will Improve

All that time you would have spent looking for your remote you can now spend with your significant other, who's probably been complaining that you've seemed distant lately. What's been taking up all your attention? Looking for the previous Apple TV remote.

5. You Can Multitask

The addition of the Siri microphone will allow you to give voice commands, freeing up your hands to do other things, like baking (coating your previous remote in flour was never fun, am I right?), knitting, and painting.

6. You Might Discover Your Second Calling In Life

Without the new Apple remote, you might have never discovered that you're the next Duff Goldman or a modern-day Renoir, or just really decent at knitting baby mittens.

7. Improved Gaming

Video game enthusiasts will surely appreciate the new Apple remote's Wii-like motion sensors that, coupled with the voice control capability, could allow for some serious group gaming.

8. Your Bonds Will Strengthen

Having the ability to play multi-player games on your Apple TV will encourage new friendships and strengthen existing ones. Maybe you have a shy cousin who only comes out of his shell when he games. Apple TV's new remote is bringing families closer one click at a time.

Images: Pedro Ribeiro Simões/Flickr, Dr. Abdullah Naser/Flickr