Meet The Apple Pencil

During its "Hey Siri" event on Wednesday, Apple announced the new Apple Pencil for the iPad Pro, and it's huge news for the company. The stylus is the first Apple has ever made and is made specifically for the new iPad Pro, which has a larger display than its predecessors. But what this stylus means for users of the iPad has huge implications. Apple and developers are working together to "to see what's possible with this incredible new technology."

Longtime Apple executive Phil Schiller unveiled the Apple Pencil at the event, where he said, "The Apple Pencil is absolutely amazing." And it's got to be true. Think about the crappy Snapchats you send your friends via your iPad right now and how incredible they'll be if you use the Apple Pencil to make beautiful art creations.

According to Jony Ive, the iPad Pro display will actually sense the Apple Pencil's force and angle, which changes the way the line you've drawn looks. So, think of the calligraphy that'll be possible. You know those people who already make these killer designs using the iPad already? Now that they can get a stylus that specifically works with the device, I can't wait to see what they come up with. The pencil can be charged using the connector port on the iPad Pro and will cost $99. It'll be available in November.

Image: Apple (1)