Get Your Spook On With 15 Halloween Accessories

After the hot muddiness of summer, the promise of autumnal activities is motivational music to my ears, and that includes shopping for Halloween accessories. The high jinks of the holiday, with its spooky soirees, Halloween-inspired jewelry, and gruesome yet scarily delicious cocktails, are fall's creepy creme de la creme, after all.

My love of Halloween probably stems from the knowledge that it's the perfect opportunity to release my inner child and reinvent myself as one of my favorite comic book characters. From Tim Burton's Corpse Bride to The Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn and even X-Men's Rogue, the chance to don a cartoon-themed costume and take on a whole new creepy personality to match makes my miniature self jump up and down with glee.

Unfortunately, back in the real world of suitable office attire and stuffy subway trains, there aren't quite as many opportunities to flaunt full-on ghoulish garb. Fear not, my fright-night favoring, horror film harboring, Halloween babes: There are plenty of ways to give a nod to your freakish favorite time of year. Welcome to my devilishly delectable collection of Halloween inspired accessories. These 15 pieces can be worn all year, of course, but will especially come in handy as you slip into character come October.

1. Midnight Cat Brooch

With this spookily cute brooch, you can let a black cat cross your path at any time of the day or night. With its shimmering emerald green crystals and sparkling gold nose, this brooch will make the perfect addition to your scarf, felt hat, or winter coat.

Midnight Cat Brooch, $53.78,

2. Ouija Hands Bracelet

This one is not for the faint of heart! You can add spookily cool edge to both daytime and evening outfits with this ouija board inspired charm bracelet.

Ouija Hands Bracelet, $15.37,

3. Statement Halloween Lace Chain Choker

Add a lavish touch to a simple black dress with this elaborate lace chain choker. It makes such a sartorial statement that you won't need any other accessories.

Statement Halloween Lace Choker, $15.37,

4. Spooky Silver Pumpkin Earrings

Why not add some ghostly glitzy glamour to your evening wear with these silver Jack o' Lantern earrings?

Spooky Silver Pumpkin Earrings, $7.68,

5. Halloween Skull Necklace Pack

If you want to make a subtle style nod to the upcoming freaky festivities without going too overboard, then ASOS' layerable set of cord and skull pendants could be your ideal option. Wear them separately with a sweater for eerie office wear or pair together with a batwing-sleeved dress for boo-hemian glamour.

ASOS Halloween Skull Necklace Pack In Brown, $9.22,

6. Glow-In-The-Dark Name Necklace

Look boo-tiful on Oct. 31 with this ghoulish glow in the dark acrylic name necklace. If scary shouts aren't your bag, then you can personalize your pendant with any name, word, or phrase that suits your devilish desires.

Glow-In-The-Dark Name Necklace, $18.44,

7. Ooohhh Mini Necklace

Make like a ghastly ghoul with Tatty Devine's blisteringly white "OOOHHH" necklace. It'll add a garishly graphic addition to all your spooky looks.

Ooohhh Mini Necklace, $69.16,

8. Sugar Skull Ring

Inject some color into your all-black Halloween ensemble with this chillingly cute statement sugar skull ring.

Sugar Skull Ring, $9.22,

9. Large Glow-In-The-Dark Skeleton Earrings

Add some demonic delight to your costume (or everyday-wear) with these dangling skeleton earrings. Just remember to take them out before lights out, or you may get a fright during your nighttime bathroom break.

Large Glow-In-The-Dark Skeleton Earrings, $7.68,

10. Arachnophobia Cheater Ear Plugs

These creepy-crawly items of fake body jewelry are made with hypoallergenic materials and are perfect for Halloween, horror, and comic book fans alike.

Arachnophobia Cheater Ear Plugs, $14.99,

11. Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Inspired "Puddin" Choker Necklace

Planning on cosplaying as Harley Quinn this Halloween? If so, this "Puddin" Harley Quinn inspired necklace will be right up your spooky street.

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Inspired "Puddin" Choker Necklace, $55.37,

12. Pack Of Nine Glitter Halloween Earrings

For ghoulishly good value, choose this glittering set of nine Halloween themed studs and dangling earrings. From stars to spooky spiders and witch hat-wearing Jack o' Lanterns, there's something for everyone.

Pack of Nine Glitter Halloween Earrings, $15.37,

13. Daring Dragon Ear Cuff

Dragons are a well known symbol of strength and this gothic dragon ear cuff is subtle enough for everyday wear, whilst making you feel like it's you who can breathe fire.

Daring Dragon Ear Cuff, $14.99,

14. Ankh Cat Bracelet

Not only would this eerie accessory make the perfect talking point on Halloween night itself, but it'll also make a brilliant finishing touch to jeans and T-shirts, white maxi dresses, and pretty much anything you want to pair it with.

Ankh Cat Bracelet , $15.37,

15. Cat Ring

If you're a Halloween aficionado in an office full of anti-celebratory charlatans, then this minimalist cat ring is simple enough to go under everyone else's radar whilst still satisfying your creepy kitty cat cravings.

Cat Ring, $15.37,

Ah, Halloween. There is no better time of year.

Images: Courtesy Brands