What Happens To Breast Implants After You Die?

Have you ever wondered what the hell happens to breast implants after you die? I understand it's an exceptionally morbid question: one of the ones that keeps you up at night but you never want to admit to anyone that it's crossed your mind. If you're wondering when and how society took such a keen interest in breast implants and cremation, it's the moment we found the hilarious Ask A Mortician YouTube channel. The brains behind the channel, Caitlyn Doughty, answers any question you've ever had about death. (It'll will leave you LOL-ing, or hating everything, depending on where you are in life.)

But, if we're being honest here, it has crossed our minds, and we're kind of glad someone finally asked about it. Essentially, when you die (knock on wood), all of the body parts that aren't quite natural pose a slight logistical issue. Breast implants, replacement hips, etc. respond to cremation a little differently than the rest of the body. Here's the deal: when you're cremated, all that's left are bones ... and metal. But with breast implants, they can melt down during cremation and leave a "gelatinous goo" on the bottom of the machine.

And as it turns out, the Cremation Association of North America is totally fine with scraping the goo up at the end of the process. They're more chill than you'd expect. Here are more morbid facts re: death and implants:

The Crematorium Doesn't Handle Implants Of Any Kind As Biological Waste Because, Well, It's Not Biological

Things I didn't want to ever think about.

This Is What Hip And Knee Plants Look Like

We used to throw them out, but now parts of Europe actually recycle them.

Breast Implants Are Usually Cremated With The Body

And, as we mentioned, they often melt and turn to goo.

Aaaaand On That Happy Note, Y'all Have An Uplifting Day

Here's the full video explaining the process below:

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