Andy's Getting Sirius About His New Radio Shows

Andy Cohen is not just simply a Bravo-lebrity anymore. No sir, he’s moving on up. According to Entertainment Weekly, SiriusXM relayed that Cohen is going to executive produce Radio Andy, his very own SiriusXM channel. Not to be confused with Radio Disney, of course, which I’m sure is just a little bit less risqué. Just a little bit, though. EW explains that he “…will host two weekly shows: Andy Cohen Live, a two-hour live show set to dive into the latest pop culture news (comedian Carol Burnett is slated to appear for the premiere episode), and Andy’s Divas, a music show featuring musical guests. The Bravo staple will also host a daily interview series titled Deep & Shallow with Andy Cohen, which has booked a variety of guests for its first month including Madonna, Connie Britton, Laverne Cox and Judd Apatow.”

Being a huge fan of Cohen himself, and, by extension, Watch What Happens Live and the Real Housewives reunion shows, I am positively tickled by this news. The only downside to it is that we won’t get to readily see the crazy goings on and antics of the guests as we do on his endlessly entertaining TV programs, which is a definite bummer. Especially if you’ve been watching the wackiness as long as I have.

In the spirit of adjusting to change, here are the eight visual elements we’ll miss about Cohen’s shows on the radio.

1. The Unique Attire

I mean, the hair was a guest in its own right.

2. The Look Of Complete Fear On The Guests' Faces After Being Asked A Personal Question

It takes a lot to shock Oprah. But they managed it.

3. The Props. Oh, The Props

I'll never be over that Aviva Drescher stunt as long as I live. And, I guess, neither will Cohen.

4. The Side-Eyeing

The shade is less real without the optics.

5. The Theatrics

Sure, you can tell me that Brandi Glanville threw a glass of wine in Jeff Lewis's face, but I'd rather you show me.

6. The Costumed Role Play

It would've been so much less without the hat and wigs, you know?

7. All Of The "Sips Tea" Moments

And, in that moment, we were all Gabrielle Union.

8. Butt Selfies With Kim Kardashian

OK, this didn't happen often, but you get where I'm coming from. These kind of shenanigans need to be broadcasted on a screen to believe.

This is Andy Cohen we're discussing, though. I'm sure he'll make up for the lack of visual zaniness in one way or another.

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