We're Actually With Kim On This One

Damn, tiny baby North West is reaaallly adorable, isn't she? Like ridiculously adorable. Like A+ well-done baby. West is also, of course, the infant progeny of two of the world's current biggest egomaniacs, and so she's been born into a lot of pre-established scrutiny that has absolutely nothing to do with her. For instance, the story making the news today that Kim Kardashian might pluck North West's eyebrows.

I've already written here before about the public image of West's parents, and how that image makes it pretty damn easy to believe any number of the ridiculous stories about them that pop up. So it makes sense that one would look at an Instagram of their offspring and think "Oh, they're probably doing something ridiculous in the parenting of this child."

As someone who grew up with naturally very tidy eyebrows, however, my first instinct upon hearing these rumors (and seeing the accompanying image) was an eye-roll. Especially considering that the crux of the argument seems to lie in the comparison of old pictures of West to the one Kardashian Instagrammed today.

But.... look at those pictures. Just, like, look at them. Am I blind in not seeing the GLARINGLY ALTERED EYEBROWS everyone claims are so obvious? Take into account things like lighting and the fact that this is a baby.

Kardashian has actually responded to allegations that she's waxing her kid's eyebrows — and she did so with what is actually a fair amount of humor. Like, Kim Kardashian just made me laugh, and not for the usual reasons. It's a pleasant surprise, and I rather like this side of her.

Keep on keeping on, Kim. Deal with every PR hooplah like this and you might just become our favorite non-ironically.

Images: Kim Kardashian/Instagram