Emma Roberts Should Reunite With Nat Wolff — Again

by Maggie Malach

One of the coolest parts of fan-girling over an actress is when she teams up with one of your favorite actors. This is exactly the case for former Palo Alto co-stars Emma Roberts and Nat Wolff, who are reuniting for Ashby. If you need proof of their undeniable chemistry, look no further than this new scene from the movie.

Ashby , which hits theaters, Digital HD, and On Demand on Sept. 25, is:

"... a coming of age/approaching death comedy drama. A seventeen-year-old kid (Ed) trying to understand who he wants to be in the world, befriends a terminally ill ex-CIA contract killer (Ashby) who is trying to make peace with his life and God before he goes. 'Making peace' might just entail killing three old bosses who have tricked him into breaching his strange moral code."

Roberts plays Eloise, a girl at Ed's new school. In the preview scene, she meets him after he emerges from a locker where he's been hiding. "Did you just arrive here from a parallel universe?" she asks him, to which he replies, "Uh. Oregon. I come from Oregon. Nice to meet you."

It's a sweet meeting between the two, but it doesn't even hint at what's to come. However, it does show off the easy rapport between Roberts and Wolff.

It's something of a reunion for Roberts and Wolff, who both appeared in Palo Alto. While their 2013 film had a gritty realism about it, Ashby seems considerably lighter. It does put the duo back in a high school setting, which is refreshing to see.

Their chemistry is great, which makes me want to see them team up again. Both actors prove they can handle drama, comedy or anything in between, which basically means the sky is the limit. Seriously, if Wolff can make climbing out of a locker this interesting, there's a lot of untapped potential here.

For their next (theoretical) pairing, I'd love to see Roberts and Wolff in a more post-graduate setting. Since they're both in their early '20s, it would be perfect to see what they can do with that timeframe. Knowing how talented these actors are, they would make the most of it.

Image: Head Gear Films