Girl's Fairy Wings Give Her Mad Skateboard Skills

by Kat George

Magic does happen, like when this little girl with fairy wings skateboards. Rayssa Leal proves that all it takes is a little bit of courage and some fairy wings to make your dreams come true. The little girl from Imperatriz, Brazil loves skateboarding, and is pretty damn good at it. Except that she needs a little extra hand to nail her tricks: the magic of fairy dust from her fairy wings. I think that's how it works. I'm not sure of the exact physics of fairy magic, suffice to say, it seems to work. Without the fairy wings, Rayssa bravely attempts a trick on the skateboard but ends up falling off. With the wings however, is another story.

Rayssa goes in for a second shot at the trick: an air borne flip taking flight from the top of a short set of stairs. The second time, she puts on the wings, because that's where the skating skill turns up to the next level. With the wings on, Rayssa soars gracefully through the trick like a regular Tony Hawk. So if you had any doubt before, now you know for sure that fairy wings work for making you better at whatever it is you want to be better at. Hold on while I put mine on. Check Rayssa being a bad ass below:

1. First, She Fearlessly Throws Herself From The Steps With Her Skateboard

2. And Goes Down Hard

3. But She Gets Up Like A Real Champion

4. Puts On Her Fairy Wings And Flies Through The Air Like She Was Born Doing It

5. Before Casually Riding Off Into The Sunset

Watch the full video of Rayssa dominating below:

Images: YouTube (6)