Grimes Gets Weird For This Magazine Cover

Fall has only just arrived, ushered in by the appearance of PSLs and all things pumpkin flavored (too soon!), and the start of NYFW, but for some magazines, it's already winter. Grimes is on the cover of Dazed, which this week released one of four Winter covers to kick off the launch of its new Instagram account, Dazed Fashion, where they also posted a pair of images from inside the issue.

Titled "Weird Science," the cover story, fronted by a portrait of the Canadian chanteuse, certainly embodies that theme. There's a decidedly seventies feel to the photo, from Grimes' feathered hair to the slightly hazy lighting. Her gorgeous green eyes are framed by an abstract cat-eye, and her smile is enhanced — literally — by blue, witchy plastic finger tips, complete with long red nails. As interesting as this image is — and it's already being called the best magazine cover of the year — it's also pretty disturbing; I dare you to stare at it for thirty seconds like I did, trying to conjure up words to describe it. You almost can't look away!

As for the new Insta account, Dazed promises plenty of fashion show coverage, takeovers, and behind-the-scenes action.

Here are eight times Grimes literally wore whatever she felt like, and looked amazing in the process.

1.) When she rocked a shabby-chic look in bed

Is it weird that I think the mismatched socks are the worst part of this outfit? I actually dig the tweed suit and the earphones-as-earmuffs concept!

2.) The time she paired an eye patch with ripped tights.

Heidi Klum gets all the credit for making eye-patches chic again, but Grimes gets all the glory for taking the look back to its roots with a pirate-y outfit, complete with a pajama shirt and Captain Hook-approved leather gloves.

3.) When she didn't color inside the lines.

Grimes' version of a makeup-mirror selfie includes coloring way, waaay outside the lines. She gave herself a look that is part-ragdoll, part-Nightmare Before Christmas, and zero parts "I woke up like this."

4.) Let's not forget the time she went incognito at the airport.

She wore what appears to be a Snuggie from the Lord Of The Rings costume closet to the airport, which she paired with a quilted bag and a backpack. I wonder if she had a hard time going through customs...

5.) How about when she went undercover as a baboushka?

She was definitely on the lam this time, hiding out in a hotel room beneath giant mirrored sunnies and a floral scarf tied perfectly around her head. If only this mirror selfie didn't blow her cover.

6.) Or when she was pretty in pink?

Major props for comfort, and a built in hair style; I spy a mohawk back there.

7.) Then there's the time she went all "psychedelic high rolling Olympian gambler from France."

Those are her own words. And I think she really nailed it (although I don't think gambling is an Olympic sport).

8.) Finally, the time she scared Katy Perry.

Grimes had trouble coming up with a caption for this one, but I think "Undead Alice In Wonderland" would do just fine. Katy Perry seemed rattled, but oddly, Rihanna doesn't seem at all phased.