'The Hobbit', 'Parks & Rec', 'Up', & More Pop Culture Gingerbread Houses

Anyone who's ever tried their hand at making a gingerbread house knows just how incredibly frustrating it can be. That's why it's both awe-inspiring and jealousy-inducing to see these intricate replicas of houses that look like actual houses instead of cardboard boxes made out of graham crackers. But these gingerbread houses are of an entirely different breed. After all, why make a replica of another stodgy old Victorian house when you can immortalize Winterfell in gingerbread? Maybe these creations will inspire your own visions of sugarplums, or maybe they'll just inspire envy, but don't worry if you can't match this level of culinary expertise. After all, you know what they say: if you can't beat 'em, eat 'em (The gingerbread, guys! Just the gingerbread.)

'Adventure Time,' The Candy Kingdom

Frankly, it just seems wrong that someone hasn’t already made an edible Candy Kingdom. Thankfully, one brave soldier went above and beyond the call of duty, going as far as to make edible Gumball Guardians out of glass sugar. Mathematical! You can head over to Imugr to see the process she went through to make the entire Candy Kingdom (it’s pretty impressive, and there’s a cat involved).

Image: Imugr

'Up,' Carl's House

There’s a surprising amount of gingerbread replicas of the house from Up out there. But really, it makes perfect sense: what better way to replicate an adorable and sweet movie than in colorful, delicious fondant?

Image: Flickr/tsayrate

'Doctor Who,' The Tardis

With the huge, devoted fanbase that Doctor Who has, it would be surprising if there weren’t several gingerbread Tardises out there. This contestant from the Grove Park Inn gingerbread house competition gets serious bonus points for the little edible Doctor and Daleks. Make sure to eat it in front of the Christmas Special.

Image: Tumblr/piratesmilesandprettyeyes

'Downton Abbey,' Downton Abbey

Would you like some gingerbread with your tea? YouTube user Curtis Jensen made an entire video detailing the process of making Downton Abbey, complete with real lights and butterscotch candy glass windows. Now, if there were only a little gingerbread Robert and Matthew Crawley to argue over what should be done with it.

Image: YouTube/Curtis Jensen

'The Hobbit,' Hobbit Hole

Is there anything cozier than a Hobbit Hole? And is there anything more delicious-looking than this little gingerbread hobbit residence? Not in all of the Shire.

Image: Tumblr/sparklygrace

'The Nightmare Before Christmas,' Jack Skellington's House

It’s Christmas-related! It’s edible! It’s a tiny architectural marvel! What more could you want in a gingerbread house, people?

Image: Flickr/tsayrate

'Parks and Recreation,' The Parks and Recreation Department

Of course, what could be sweeter than the whole Parks department making a gingerbread replica of themselves for Leslie? Sure, it may not be quite as intricate as some of these other houses, but do any of those gingerbread houses have a grumpy, marshmallow Ron Swanson that’s crossing his little licorice arms? I don’t think so.

Image: NBC